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7 Key Secrets of Internet Business Success Book Takes Would Be Entrepreneurs to the Moon and Back


?The 7 Key Secrets of Internet Business Success? a new e-book published worth $47, takes readers through a step-by step guide on how to launch and run a successful Internet business through the successful application of fundamental Internet Marketing techniques. The e-book is available now and can be obtained free of charge by going online to

With literally thousands of online business models to follow, it is hard to believe there is room in the market for yet another ?make money online? type of book that seemingly offers something so fundamental and obvious. It is true that the book is packed full of information on how to get the basic Internet marketing techniques right, but what sets this book apart from the rest is the unique approach of its author, Veerendra Nayak who has a background firmly rooted in science.

Veerendra is a successful Internet business owner and marketer; his qualifications are in computing sciences, cyber crime and corporate liability. With a strong background in physics, mathematics, languages and business management, he takes the reader on an inspiring journey of self discovery, patiently spelling out how it is not mere knowledge is power, rather the smart application of that knowledge is power ? there are no ?get rich quick schemes? ? explaining why, therefore, so many businesses fail and what to do to avoid falling into the same bear traps.

Some of the scientific analogies are riveting and very powerfully drawn. He cites the example of NASA?s first journey into space exploration to illustrate one of the seven key secrets: that of being focused on the business ?destination?, rather than many would be business owners? approach of ?any road will do if you don?t know where you are going?. Once the decision was made to go to the moon, it became a self-fulfilling prophecy that the launch would take place and that the trip would be successful. The rest as they say is history. Yet, remarkably, for 98% of the time, the rocket was actually off course. How the flight path was moderated and corrected, even by a few small degrees, affected the whole outcome of the venture and there is a lesson to be learnt for every aspiring business person in this says Veerendra.

What?s this got to do with business? Well, everything. Self-made Millionaires have average intelligence, what sets them apart is their focus on a plan ? where they want to go ultimately; they are very clear about the basics; their determination to succeed – even in the face of setbacks; their openness to new ideas and knowledge, and their willingness to embrace new partners and to outsource if that will give them access to the expertise they need to continue to drive the business forward.

?Any business owner (online/offline) can follow the seven key secrets which I’ve described in my book and become successful for years to follow. It is not that knowledge is power rather the application of that knowledge is power?, says Veerendra, and is a typical quote from the book that highlights his belief that it is essentially discipline and application that is required to succeed in making money online, just like any other business.

In all a fascinating read and one that will definitely be a ?keeper? for the successful and savvy entrepreneur or, indeed, already established business owner.

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