Thursday, May 25th, 2017

About is a Press Release Distribution service developed off the back of the WordPress blogging platform. This unique service allows you to distribute press releases to search engines, newswires and websites to help increase awareness company or personal products and services. Our service aims to help you reach the public directly and improve visibility in search engine listings, so you can get the most publicity possible. does not tolerate PR spam so please provide information in your press release not a sales spiel. All press releases will be read to ensure the quality of the site is maintained.

The vast majority of our press releases are submitted by companies directly. also employs editors who visit company websites to fill available spaces. If you find one of your press releases here and you did not submit them our editors may have found your release interesting and published them at no cost. If you want to have a press release removed feel free to contact our editors.

To submit a press release click here.

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