Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Aphelio Announce ‘Test Pilot Initiative’ For Cross Platform HTML5 Games Engine


The ?Test Pilot Initiative? will provide gamers with a chance to test Aphelio‘s products before release for free, but with a number of unorthodox additional benefits thrown in for good measure. Members of the Test Pilot Initiative, who can sign up for free here, will be rewarded with free game downloads, in-game items and special status within Aphelio?s upcoming titles. Most importantly however, unlike traditional practices of this nature, Test Pilots will not be subject to Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) or any testing output obligations.

?The transparent approach is something we are massive fans of and is a value we?ll continue to uphold.? explains Aphelio CEO Michael Walker. ?Launching the Test Pilot Initiative is just the first step towards developing a robust, accessible and most importantly exciting company culture that includes its customers in as many stages of development as possible.?

Aphelio?s first game release within the Initiative will be launched in the coming weeks, developed primarily as a testing ground for the company?s newly developed ? and still unnamed ? cross platform game engine.

?It?s been a real challenge getting this thing to play nice with the wide range of devices and operating systems out there,? admits Kraig Walker, Aphelio?s CTO. ?It?s taken longer than we would have liked, but what we?ve got is something that allows us to create great entertainment experiences regardless if your platform costs £60 or £600.?

Shining even more light on the studio?s ambitious mission, Michael states ?It?s a very simple, often fantasised idea, but we aim to make it multiplayer-capable across all the major platforms in the New Year. We?re targeting Facebook, iOS, Android, Windows 8, Google Play and as many other platforms as possible. The idea of having all of these gamers playing with and against each other across mobile, browser and desktop is something we can?t wait for people to see in action.?

Would be Test Pilots can sign up for the Initiative now. Although it?s still early days, Aphelio has already garnered much positive support from both web and game development communities internationally.

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