Sunday, May 28th, 2017

BMW drivers most associated with bad or inefficient driving according to the Auto Trader survey


According to new research from Auto Trader Compare, the motor insurance comparison service from the UK’s largest motoring website, shows that outdated driving myths are still prevalent, with 37% still believing that men are generally better drivers than women. The last person road users would like to come across would be an elderly woman motorist from London driving a BMW on a Sunday, it has been revealed.

The survey, conducted amongst more than 1,500 UK motorists nationwide, asked which drivers were deemed too bad and BMW owners were voted as the worst on the UK’s roads according to a massive 59% of respondents, followed by Subaru drivers (42%), Porsche drivers (39%), Audi drivers (30%)

BMW drivers are most associated with bad or inefficient driving according to the survey, with 68% of respondents claiming that bad drivers of these vehicles drive too fast, overtake in dangerous situations (66%), intimidate other road users (66%) and drive too close to the car in front (64%).

At the end of the list of least-liked road users by make of car were Mercedes and Land Rover drivers.

The survey also showed that UK motorists believe van drivers are the worst on the road (100%), followed by young drivers (98%), old drivers (90%), taxi drivers (78%) and ‘school run mums’ (78%). Bus and HGV drivers were considered to be the best road users.

When asked about other road users, over a third (34%) said that Londoners were the worst drivers in the UK, followed by motorists from the South East (10%) and the West Midlands (4%). ‘Sunday drivers’ were classed as the worst type of driver (53%), followed by ‘rush-hour drivers’ (43%).

Ian MacDonald, E-Marketing Manager at, comments: “It is quite unbelievable that such an outdated myth around driving is still prevalent today, despite the fact that actual claims data proves men are in fact, the worst drivers! However, the important thing is that all motorists, regardless of what vehicle they drive, where they live or what sex they are, drive carefully and in control at all time. With the rising cost of motoring, it is well worth driving responsibly to stay safe and ensure your insurance premiums stay low.”

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  1. Yep, BMW drivers are definitely known for stepping on the gas peddle and hence the higher insurance rates and worse gas mileage.

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