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Business Tech Guide: Hosted PBX Plans Lower Business Operating Costs – Expert Review from


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Hosted PBX plans lower business telecom costs, reveals this edition of Business Tech Guide from phone system experts

About Hosted PBX

  1. Hosted PBX plans and arrangements vary, but typically offer standard business functions such as voicemail, paging, call forwarding, automated attendant (with greeting and call routing), conferencing facilities, and others through a shared internet connection.


  1. In effect the business enjoys a virtual phone system without having to worry about purchasing its own physical PBX phone system server.


How Hosted PBX Plans Lower Businesss Operating Costs


  1. Telecoms are closely tied-into the operations of a modern business


  1. Hosted plans eliminate administrative, maintenance, technical and upgrade costs for business telecoms.


  1. By eliminating the need for on-site maintenance, upgrades, administration, configuration, installation, training and repair, hosted PBX solutions save costs dramatically for businesses when it comes to telecoms spending.


Supported Services and Benefits

  1. Service plans typically include a certain volume of local and domestic calls for a small monthly fee.


  1. Businesses may have to provide their own cheap desk phone systems (ordinary business phones and VoIP phones), or sometimes the host may provide these as part of the deal.


  1. In all, such hosted plans remove complexity from the process of switching to and operating VoIP architecture, and growing business stand to benefit a lot from that.


  1. The cost savings realized from hosted PBX systems can be very significant for businesses of any size – in fact the savings increase exponentially with increasing business size.



  1. Hosted PBX solutions are in fact highly recommended for SMBs (small and medium businesses) by telecom experts.

From the Experts at

“Hosted solutions take away the hassle and cost of managing, operating and maintaining your own PBX. It also removes the burden of initial installation costs, which are very substantial. The beauty of it all is that you don’t even have to pay a fortune for all the convenience you get, and you enjoy a true plug-and-play solution.”

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