Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

California desert bowls and ice cream: perfect partners


To enhance the traditional or avant-garde creations of chefs and confectioners, Bormioli Rocco presents its California desert bowls. Crafted in four lively colours, in frosted glass, they bestow added sweetness on the desert experience.

“Anything that is edible can be turned into ice cream”… so claimed Enzo Vanozzi, the founder of the Accademia della Gelateria, the Academy of Ice Cream Making, in the 1970s.

Many top chefs and ice cream makers agree, relishing the opportunity for experimenting with mixtures of strongly contrasting flavours: for example Mauro Petrini, who proposes cuttlefish cannelloni and porcini mushrooms with sea urchin ice cream and calamint sauce. Corrado Assenza and Franco Cazzamali, on the other hand, specialise in meat-based ice creams, selecting the choicest Piedmontese cuts of meat as a basis for creating unusual soft ice creams.

Whether for savouring traditional flavours or the most startling innovations, Bormioli Rocco’s California ice cream bowls are ideal. Contemporary design and lively colours are the outstanding “ingredients” in the recipe for these masterpieces of the glass-makers art.

Following the success of the version in transparent glass, these bowls with their characteristic diagonal cut are now also available in four brilliant hues, with degradé shaded colours and a frosted finish. There’s a choice between shocking pink, lime green, sky blue and orange, and two sizes, 36 or 23 cl.

Like the greatest desert artists, one can unleash one’s fantasy and adorn fruit salads and creamy deserts with fruit, biscuits and pralines. The liveliness of the colours and the refreshing energy of the California desert bowls’ decorative motifs make desert-time all the more delicious.

For further information on Bormioli Rocco products, including wine tasting glasses, cocktail glasses and hotel supplies, visit the http://www.bormioliroccoprofessional.com website.

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