Thursday, May 25th, 2017

See How COHA Health Lead the Way in Orthopaedic Massage


If you are interested in complementary medicine, then this is where you can learn all about Orthopaedic Massage, It is performed by one of the foremost names in the field, COHA Health.

COHA Health is a complementary therapy centre with a truly holistic approach to improving the well-being of its clients. They offer a variety of services designed to get to the source of their problems. This is through a combination of eastern and western philosophies, backed by modern day research, making COHA a leader in alternative treatments.

Acupuncture, lifestyle, Martial Arts, massage, nutrition and detox are the primary forms of therapy. These alternative practices and products are different from traditional medicine in that they treat the origin of the problem, not just the symptoms. COHA is committed to helping people live healthy, independent lives. For many life-changing testimonials, check out COHA’s website.

Orthopaedic massage is one of several types of massage therapies offered by COHA. Michelle DeCosta of COHA commented, “One of the most common questions we receive is, What is Orthopaedic massage and how does it differ from other types of massage? Orthopaedic massage is primarily used to restore function and balance to the musculoskeletal system, while also decreasing the client’s pain.  Our therapists will begin with an assessment to determine the source and extent of injury to a person’s body. Dysfunction can be caused by trauma such as a sports injury or an automobile accident, along with poor posture, diseases or scar tissue from surgery.”

Additionally, chronic pain is typically an on-going issue for many clients that come to COHA. Orthopaedic massage can significantly reduce or eliminate the source of the ongoing pain. At COHA, therapists also educate clients in proper self-care activities, to support the effects of orthopaedic massage and decrease future injury. Overall, orthopaedic massage improves and speeds up the recovery process from disease or injury. It will also decrease inflammation and relieve the pain of joints and tissue. This is as well as improving one’s posture, which can lead to a decrease in future injuries. It can also correct a variety of conditions, which are often difficult to treat with traditional medicine.

This is a notion of the advantages of having an Orthopaedic massage, as carried out by the experts at COHA Health. If you wish to learn more about this terrific complimentary medicine, then connect to the COHA Health web site

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