Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Do you remember that creepy film The Ring? I do, or at least I remember the nightmares I had for months afterwards – now it seems the star of the film, actor Martin Henderson, wants to escape his LA life through a lens and prove that there really is no place like home…

Sterling Heights dentist, Bright Side Dental, sets a new standard in dental care, merging gentle dentistry, caring compassion, and convenience with effective emergency dental care. Sterling Heights, MI January 22, 2009 — The year 2009 marks the 30th year since Dr. Abraham Gershonowicz and Dr. James Neme formed Bright Side Dental, which has now grown […]

RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, “Women Wear Market Forecast to 2010” to its report gallery. The report provides extensive research and rational analysis on the women apparel market in India. It underlines various factors responsible for the growth of women apparel market in India and helps to explore the opportunities […]

An Arizona Community Bank has signed a contract with Edcomm Banker’s Academy for comprehensive banking training. New York, NY, January 31, 2009 – An Arizona Community Bank has signed a contract with Edcomm Banker’s Academy for three years of comprehensive banking training. The Bank has opted to host and maintain the programs of Banker’s Academy […]

RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, “Global Convenience Store Market Analysis” to its report gallery. The report provides extensive analysis on the booming c-store market. It provides an insight into the c-store industry across Asia, Europe and North America, and gives a brief overview on the consumer behavior. The report helps […]

Leading international supplier of name badges, Badgemaster is inviting buyers to achieve the seemingly impossible: cut costs while improving quality and service. Nottinghamshire, UK, January 31, 2009 — By taking the Badgemaster Price Challenge any buyer of name badges can challenge Badgemaster to beat the current price. It takes less than a minute to do […]

The AJ Novick Group, a leading global provider of anger management classes and online anger management classes now offers consumers the ability to take an anger management assessment from any location in the U.S. or abroad online to determine if an anger management program is appropriate. Laguna Beach, CA, January 31, 2009 — The AJ […]

According to our new report, “Restructuring and 3G – New Dimensions for China Telecom Sector”, foreign telecom players, who have been waiting for a long time to serve the Chinese wireless market, are now considering giving shape to their plans of entering the world’ largest and highly lucrative telecom industry, China. Various foreign players, such […]

A fertility friendly lubricant is making it easier for women to conceive. Unlike other lubricants that expose sperm to oxidation, pH changes and harmful environmental factors, this lubricant protects the sperm and allows couples to conceive. Boston, MA, January 31, 2009 — Sepal Reproductive Devices ( is offering a fertility friendly lubricant that increases the […]

Phil Lempert of fame Digs Divvies Ginger Molasses Dozen in his Latest Video Food Review. South Salem, New York, January 31, 2009 — Phil Lempert The Supermarket Guru ® declares Divvies Molasses Ginger cookies a “Hit” in his popular, weekly, video review, of food products. Mr Lempert remarked that “These mollases ginger cookies taste […]

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