Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Mortgage Fraud Examiners, the investigative firm who warned the public about loan modification scams, the “criminal loan modification trap,” “securitization/forensic audits,” scams and the “Mortgage Elimination” scam is now warning that foreclosure “pretense” attorneys may be cheating homeowners out of victory by ignoring contract breaches and tortious acts underlying their mortgage transaction. When foreclosures started […]

Storm Bradford Founder Of The Nationwide Investigative Firm Mortgage Fraud Examiners Discloses To Homeowners The Latest Techniques That Lenders Can’t Defeat. When asked how the mechanism works, Bradford explained: “It’s very simple; appraisal fraud, other tortious conduct, contract breaches, errors, setoffs, statutory/regulatory violations, etc., underlie over 90% of mortgage transactions. These abuses give homeowners leverage […]

Enséñame a olvidarte A new artist who shines with talent and charisma For Juan A. Lopez Silverio, better known as Malfi Lopez, music is much more than just the combination of lyrics and chords. This Latin American youth, who is just 22 years old, expects to go far with his music, and with it, he […]

Personalised Photo Frames – The Engraved Gifts Company. The Engraved Gifts Company has just launched an exciting new range of photo frames all of which can be personalised for free to make great gifts that can be used for almost every occasion that you can think of. We are very passionate about making sure we […]

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