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A small business helping small businesses in a Down Economy. Help for Small Businesses: On-Demand IT Support Model

Weston, CT, March 12, 2009 — Southbury, Connecticut based IT Services Company “DBA Web Technologies” was launched in March 2007 with an objective to provide a wide range of Information Technology Services to small and medium size business with reasonably good success. Towards the end of 2008, it started watching a large number of CT based small and medium businesses collapsing, one after another. Each one of these small and medium company that went bankrupt, started with one common sequence of laying-off some employees, and then some more, and then a larger chunk of lay-offs in an attempt to survive the down economy and save the company from total collapse. But the vicious circle never stopped, forcing many of these companies to eventually close their doors.

Question, Is laying off employees really the best business strategy when a slowing economy hits you hard? No, it is not. It actually starts a cycle that, in most cases, ends only with the bankruptcy. If the laid-off employees were not essential and critical for the success of your business, you wouldn’t have hired them in the first place.

In 2007, Varesh Sachdev, President and CIO of DBA Web Technologies, told CMP Technology Magazine, in an interview that he had a dream to establish DBA Web Technologies “as a unique company in this country where no employee will ever be laid off”. In spite of being hit-hard by the deteriorating economy, he has kept his word till this day.

Cutting down expenses is important and critical for survival for most of us, especially when the world economy is crumbling. Yet, it is more critical to have enough resources to continue supporting your existing clients and to make sure that you don’t lose more clients than you have already lost. So, instead of just work force reduction as the only cost cutting measure, change your business strategy. DBA Web Technologies can help small businesses that need IT Services for their internal needs as well as to support their clients.

DBA Web Technologies has introduced a new On-Demand IT Support Model to help small and medium size businesses who are going through the financial crisis due to downward spiral of the world economy which has seriously impacting practically every small and medium business in United States. In spite of financial crisis and lack of new sources of revenue, you still have to support your existing clients but it’s becoming more and more difficult to hire full-time IT staff to keep up the ongoing demands from your current clients. But at the same time, you cannot afford to ignore current clients and provide a less than perfect IT support. The risk of losing current clients is too high and none of us can afford that risk.

If you are a small to medium size business, you may not need a large team of full-time IT staff; but still you need on-going technical support to address day-to-day issues like emails, software, hardware, network maintenance, database administration, security patches, network failure, data loss, computer crash, accidental deletion of important files, spam, virus etc. And you definitely need a website to be effective and stay ahead of your competition in the global business markets, no matter which industry you are in and whether you have just one employee or one hundred.

This is where; this fast growing IT Services can lend a helping hand to small and medium businesses of United States with their On-Demand IT Support Model. DBA Web Technologies, a Connecticut based global Information Technology Company has been providing IT Services to a number of small and medium size businesses as well as some prestigious multi-national companies.

Their On-Demand IT Support Model allows you to get the IT Support on an as needed basis only when you demand it, without the need of hiring full-time IT staff and paying high salaries with rocketing cost of insurance benefits.


Experienced IT Consultants On-Demand: You pay only for the hours worked by their consultants.
Absolutely NO CONDITIONS to use minimum hours for using our IT Support Services.
NO monthly or annual fee for any IT Services as charged by every IT Service Provider.
No need to hire full-time senior IT experts and pay high salaries.
No need to provide expensive insurance benefits as consultants are not on your payroll

DBA Web Technologies feels very strongly about helping and saving small companies from total collapse. They have seen that when a company closes its doors, it destroys the fortunes for a number of families along with itself. Being a small and growing company, they understand the financial obstacles which small and medium businesses have to go through especially when the world economy takes a nosedive. While on one side, you’re having difficulty hiring full time & permanent employees due to financial constraints, on the other side are the constantly growing pressures of meeting your client commitments with limited and sometimes over-worked IT staff. DBA Web Technologies has the expertise and resources to fill these gaps and help small & medium businesses to be successful by providing the following cost effective IT Services.

While they are based in Southbury, CT; their team of consultants is spread over the neighboring states, serving clients in all counties within CT as well as in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

DBA Web Technologies offers the following specific IT Services:

24x7x365 IT Support – onsite and remote – Infrastructure and Databases support.
Website designing, Logo designing, and Hosting Services for small and medium businesses.
Hosting your infrastructure if you do not have the financial resources to buy expensive Servers.
Turnkey Software Development Projects.
Placement Services for Full Time and Permanent positions in all IT domains.
IT Consultants on hourly basis for short-term and long projects in all IT domains.
Onsite Interim CIO Services—Executive level IT Experts—CIO, CTO, VP of Technology.
Local consultants in every state within United States available to work onsite at your location.
Cost effective alternatives to set up, host, maintain and support IT infrastructures.
Personal attention to every client with lighting fast response and customer service

If you are a small or medium size business with limited needs for IT Services, please contact the marketing department of DBA Web Technologies at [email protected] for more details on how they can help in providing IT Services on an as needed basis while keeping your costs reasonably low, thereby helping you survive when everything around you is crumbling.

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