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Detroit Real Estate Investing Introducing the “Cash Flow Analyzer Tool”


Real estate investor, Jerry Norton, has created a simple and free tool to quickly analyze the cash flow and return on investment of any deal when investing in Detroit foreclosures.

Orion, MI, July 31, 2009 — With the property values down to all time lows in Metro Detroit, buying foreclosed homes in Metro Detroit has never been more lucrative and investors are flocking to take advantage of the cash flow investment opportunity. Seasoned investor, Jerry Norton began investing in Detroit foreclosures several years ago and has created a tool called the “Cash Flow Analyzer Tool,” to assist in the due diligence process when calculating the return on investment (ROI) of a potential investment.

“Anyone who is looking to invest in the Metro Detroit area will need to measure up a property for cash flow and return on investment prior to purchasing. That is what the “Cash Flow Analyzer” tool is designed to do,” says creator of the tool, Jerry Norton.

According to Norton, “Real estate investors need to see the big picture. There are many factors that go into buying a property to ensure that it is going to be a worthwhile investment. That is what my tool is designed to do. It provides straight answers without sugar coating the truth.”

Using pre-set formulas, the results are instantaneous. Simply fill in the variables such as purchase price, interest rate, rent amount, etc. and the tool will generate the net cash flow, ROI, Cape rate, debt service, and many other financial ratios. Quickly and simply, one can find out if the property in question is going to be a viable source of cash flow for the investor.

Included is an “instructions tab” with easy-to-follow instructions for each variable, explaining in simple terms what each ratio represents. Jerry even took it a step further and created a video tutorial:

“I needed a way to quickly and easily determine the financials of any given deal. I was tired of the over complicated and expensive software programs out there, so I designed something that worked,” explains Norton.

Jerry Norton is co-owner of Michigan based Equity Services, LLC. His company provides investors with fully renovated investment properties for under $50,000. Jerry has generously provided the “Cash Flow Analyzer Tool” FREE of charge. To download and start using immediately, visit
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