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The Vertical SBX is one of the most popular business phone systems on account of its high performance features, abundance of support options and moderate price range.

We sat down with phone system experts to review a common issue with the Vertical SBX and other VoIP phone systems like Xblue and Allworx – how to use them in headset mode.

“VoIP phone systems like the Vertical SBX and Allworx systems are great for businesses as they boost performance and productivity while also providing real value for money. In this guide we wanted to address the FAQ of how to use the Vertical SBX in headset mode,” said Yaron Ram of

How to Use the Vertical SBX in Headset Mode

Any industry-standard headset can be connected to a station (instead of using the handset or speaker).

What to do:

1. The intercom signaling mode (HF/TN/PV – [TRANS/PGM] + 1 + 2) can be set in Headset and speaker mode.

2. In Headset mode, the User can select an incoming ring mode to hear ringing with the speaker, headset, or both by Admin programming.

3. The station will receive paging with the station speaker.

4. To answer an intercom call in Tone mode, the User should press [SPEAKER].

5. When an intercom call is received in Privacy mode, the station will be muted automatically.

6. User should press [MUTE] to answer the intercom call.

Setup Guide:

To change the station from Speaker Mode or Headset:


1. Press [TRANS/PGM], then enter 76 (current answer mode will appear on the display).

2. Press 1 (Speaker mode) or 0 (Headset mode).

To change the Headset Ring mode:

1. Press [TRANS/PGM], then enter 75 (current answer mode will appear on the display).

2. Press one of the following:

1 = Speaker ring only, 2 = Headset only, 3 = both

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