Sunday, April 30th, 2017 just get released under Grandgowns group

0, the leading global online dress distributor under dress brand G&G, has just announced the release of the new German site, ,on Dec, 01, 2012.

Originating from the well known brand G&G in women’s dress products, GrandGowns group is providing service to the whole world. GrandGowns group is the only ecommerce company from China that sells fashion dresses under the registered brand G&G.

The main products of grandgowns group is wedding apparel and dresses for special occasions ranging from wedding, parties, friends gathering, graduation, ceremonies, anniversaries, etc. Grandgowns group is offering the custom-made service and individualized designing to the customers. ?Since we deeply understand that each event will leave the unforgettable memory in life for every lady and we just look for being perfect together with our customers. Our international designing centre is dedicated to providing the latest fashion for dresses enthusiastically. We will constantly improve our designing ability and quality standard. That makes we are at the best-ever position to provide innovative design, unparalleled quality and superb service to our customers not only by off-line shops but also by on-line dress shop,? said Velronica, the product manager of G&G brand dresses.

To celebrate the release of the new German site, G&G designers just worked out 2000 brand-new styles in 4 months and all the new designing is available at both sites of and Another 1000 new styles are at the corner for the upcoming booming dress season in 2013. The product manager, Veronica said proudly, ?we have never heard that any other dress online shops have made so many new styles in such a short timeframe. However, our designers have made that by best quality. And our target is simply to provide customers with more options to choose from our dresses under affordable prize.?

Apart from the new styles, grandgown sites are offering a big promotion of 50%-70% off currently. Asool , one of many happy customers, said :?Writing enough and see my dress as below. I cannot find style at my place under 800$ for this quality. Besides, I got the free gift which is a beautiful jewelry set. I am so happy! I tried a few at real shop and ask them to design for me like the dress below. So, I would like to share with you of my story. It would be my pleasure if I could do something to help other brides-to-be.?

Grandgowns group is also powered by its 8 values, among which “delivering excellent service” is held as the most important by the company and its staff.

About Grandgowns group: Grandgowns is a leading global online dress distributor mainly for dresses. It offers wedding dresses , prom dresses , evening dresses, etc. to customers in more than 200 countries and serves both individual and commercial customers. The website will be expanded into German, French, Russian, Spanish, and Italian for better service. The mission is to make dresses that make all ladies impressive to the world.

The German site:

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