Sunday, April 30th, 2017

A Guide to Fun With Ten Top Camping Tips From Vango


The outdoor clothing company called Vango has proven over the years to be an excellent community participant, in areas that really matter. It has programs in place to help students and young people involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. This is along with its efforts to help those recently distressed through natural disasters.

Vango has continually shown a propensity to care for others in the community. They care about their customers and allow them to have fun. Indeed, this is one of their primary concerns.

For those in the UK that have decided to brave the outdoors, here are some tips that will keep the good times rolling.

1. Location – Make sure you are going somewhere that everyone in your party will enjoy.
2. Activities – Once you’ve set up your camp site you should find something that is going to keep everyone busy.
3. Equipment – The tents,, cooking gear, chairs, sleeping bags, and all the stuff you are going to need should be planned out and listed. There is nothing worse than not having a tin opener when you need one.
4. Safety. The most daring amongst us can have a lot of fun, but they tend to rack up a lot of injuries. Bring a first aid kit.
5. Transportation. Getting there and getting back is as important as the trip itself. Don’t get stuck calling for a ride.
6. Food. Going camping is a time place to prepare comfort foods, and to have snacks stacked up for people to put it in their pockets.
7. Clothes. You will not enjoy a camping trip when you are freezing. Dress for the situation and make sure you can change into something appropriate when the weather changes, for better or worse.
8. People. Go with people that love camping. If someone  is somewhere they don’t want to be, they can make everyone with them miserable.
9. Pets. Those that love their animals may not want to subject them to an extended stay outside. If you do take them though be prepared to address their needs and clean up after them.
10. Relax. Remember what you are there for. A camping trip is fun.

There is a great deal to consider when setting off on a camping trip. When looking for the premier camping equipment on the market, come to Vango. For more information on the marvellous products available, go to the Vango web site

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