Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Hosted PBX Provider Launches New Website Featuring More Phone Options

0 recently introduced a website that features several Cloud Hosted PBX plans that offer unlimited business calling for as low as $22.95 a month. The new website also helps customers to sign up more easily.


New York, NY


Top Cloud Hosted PBX provider launched a new website that offers a better user experience for customers as well as four different unlimited business calling plans for small to medium-sized enterprises; the new website features a design that is easier for customers to navigate.


This corporate website provides a more visually focused experience and allows customers to easily find different plans and pricing options. The new site has been designed based on a modern layout that improves usability for new and returning customers alike.


The website’s look and feel enhances the company’s reputation as a reliable provider of Cloud PBX in the United States. RingSky delivers Hosted VoIP solutions that include voicemail, call forwarding and much more. RingSky offers reliable Cloud PBX services with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


“We recognize that business owners need user friendly platforms to make informed buying decisions”, says a RingSky spokesperson. “Our website is design to provide features that completely guarantee a better online service to our customers, and improve the overall experience of every user.”


RingSky’s website allows users to find their desired calling plans in various ways. Visitors can also click on the home page sections to learn more about Hosted PBX, how it works and why it could be beneficial for them. Additionally, the website makes it easier for customers to get help choosing the proper plan thanks to their chat live now option.


The site is tailored to provide all the pertinent information regarding Cloud Hosted PBX services that will help customers evaluate how their business communication needs can be met by choosing RingSky. Browsers can review the various plans and pricing, plug-and play phone options and other basic information to determine what’s best for their companies.


About RingSky

RingSky is a rapidly growing Cloud PBX provider that is leading the way in Hosted VoIP solutions. RingSky delivers Cloud PBX services that include voicemail, call forwarding and more with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. offers an intuitive user interface that allows customers to sign up and choose the best unlimited business calling plan for their companies.

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