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Hydrate your Biracial Curly Hair


2nd August 2011 – Biracial Curly hair can become unmanageable due to friskiness and being dried out. If you want to be able to tame your biracial hair curls you have to pack in moisture. When you use a hydrating shampoo it will help replenish the moisture in your hair. There is a way you can repair hair that has been damaged from heat and have beautifully smooth curly biracial hair.

There are many different hydrating shampoos on the market for curly biracial hair. Finding the best solution for your hair needs may be a matter of trial and error. Most shampoos designed to hydrate the hair contain many of the same ingredients. Still some may contain some ingredients that may not work with your particular hair needs.

If you have color treated curly biracial hair you will might need a different type of hydrating shampoo as well. There are also hydrating shampoos designed for red, brunette or blonde hair. Permed and chemically treated hair may also require special hydrating shampoos.

Not only are their hydrating shampoos you can purchase hydrating conditioners. When you use both together you give your hair the moisture boost it needs.

When using a hydrating shampoo you should massage it thoroughly into the biracial hair. Be sure you completely rinse it out of your hair prior to applying a hydrating conditioner. Leave the conditioner in your hair for a few minutes prior to rinsing for the best effect.

You do not have to shampoo curly biracial hair every day but if you do be sure to use a hydrating shampoo.

Another option for curly hair is to clean it with a conditioner. Shampooing everyday might be too much and result in curly hair that is frizzy, dry and unmanageable. However, many people like to wash their hair every day. If you are one of these individuals you can opt to use conditioner to clean your hair. Depending upon the type of curly hair you have you may use this option daily, every other day or only once a week and shampooing as needed.

The best conditioner to use to clean curly biracial hair does not have many ingredients that will be left as residue. Many conditioners will leave a buildup of material over time, which will end up weighting down curly hair. Avoid conditioners with ingredients ending with the suffix “cone”. Health food stores are a good place to look for a cleaning conditioner.

Using a large comb with curly biracial hair helps to remove tangles when you hair is dry. Then you should wet your hair thoroughly. Place the conditioner into your hand and massage it into your hair beginning at the ends and moving up to the scalp. Be sure to use a massage motion as it helps to loosen the oils and dirt in the hair.

Be sure to rinse well. You can leave a little conditioner in to help retain the moisture in the hair. You can find all the information and products you need at to help you have the beautiful, moist biracial hair you want.

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