Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Ice cream and California ice cream cups, Italian passion


To enjoy summer’s favourite dessert in style, Bormioli Rocco has come up with a line of ice cream cups that combine original design and vibrant colours, perfect for enhancing those moments of sweet indulgence.

Ice cream is a true Italian passion, though increasingly popular abroad too: homemade or shop-bought, when summer turns up the heat, ice cream is a freezer essential which is never far from the table.

Alongside the ever-popular flavours of chocolate, vanilla, choc chip and hazelnut, master ice cream makers are always creating new flavours inspired by diverse culinary traditions, with some surprising results. There are dairy ice creams flavoured with ginger and cinnamon, Sacher torte flavour you can enjoy in a cones or wafer, while the Cuban Mohito cocktail is turned into a delicious cold dessert.

To enhance dessert makers’ creativity and flair, Bormioli Rocco proposes California ice cream cups, masterpieces of the art of glassmaking which lend added irresistibility to a delicious treat or a well-earned moment of indulgence.

The ice cream cups come in mouth-watering pink, lime green, orange and blue, four brilliant colours given a satin finish degradé treatment, with the exception of the clear glass version. The characteristic slanted cut adds a dash of dynamism to the design and lends itself to creative presentations with biscuits, fruit and syrups.

Functional and versatile, California ice cream cups are the ideal solution at home as well as for new trends in catering. The cups come in two sizes: 36 cl and 23 cl, with special packs for retail purchasing groups and the professional catering channel.

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