Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Infinity Scarf


It doesn’t have to be winter in order to wear a scarf, right? Yes, of course it doesn’t! Now brings you our new chevron infinity scarves to wear every day of the week, For a cold or a hot day! Our long infinitely scarves are as soft and cozy as your favorite T-shirt. This chunky circle scarf is made extra long to allow for a multitude of wearing options.

It is a cozy addition to your all season wardrobe. There are so many options for wearing your handmade infinity scarf which may include: full length, doubled, triple looped around the neck, knotted or twisted. You can pick form our variety of colors:

Hot pink for the fun girl in you!, Kiwi if you like to shake things up a bit, Navy Blue if you are a bit more conservative, or our amazing Infinity Scarf Eggplant if you want to wear a dark vibe. We love how functional these new accessories can be, also we are happy to have chosen bold chevron patterns in all different colors, we can say it is one of them most popular print today.

These fashionable scarves are so versatile, that it can be worn with jeans and boots, heels or a cool dress! The idea is to create layers on your outfit and try to pair them with some other nice accessories such a cool handbag, nice looking shades and perhaps some red lips! It is also so easy to care for, simply throw in washer with cold water and place in dryer or hang or lay flat to dry. You can use warm iron if necessary.

The amazing thing about these mommy accessories is that they are the best at helping you accessorizing your outfit if you don’t want to dress up too much one day, you can be wearing all black or all white and you throw one of this fashionable scarves and you are good to go! Be sure your friends will ask you were you got it!, Celebrities are wearing it every day in the nice and warm Los Angeles weather; they love the Infinity Loop Scarves because they are super stylish as well as comfortable. Great for a short airplane trip and super camera ready!

Any new mom that is always on the go would swear on this chic accessory, this circle scarf is a total lifesaver, no question about this! You can go for a more conservative look and opt for beige or neutral colors or, as we suggest, go neutral on your choice of outfit and opt one for our fun vibrant scarves to add an unexpected touch of color to your busy day! So you don’t have to be a celebrity to wear on of this infinity scarves, but we can’t promise people won’t think you really are one.

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