Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Integrated Fax & Copier Solutions – Business Review by Telecom Experts


Bay Shore, NY

Accessing fax and copy functions from the same equipment has strategic advantages for businesses. In this business review telecom experts discuss benefits of integrated document control solutions.

“Document processing and control is critical in business and it is essential that services such as fax and document copy are accessed as easily and cost-effectively as possible, and a combined interface provides this requirement.” – Yaron Ram, Principal at

Integrated Fax & Copy: Advantages

  • Combined fax machine and copier – one equipment provides fax and copy services
  • Lower price than separate machines combined – integrated fax/copier solutions usually cost less than when the separate machines are combined
  • More scalability with networking feature – with networking feature, many offices can use the same machine, adding scalability and flexibility
  • Better task management – with smarter document processing feature available on integrated fax and copier machines, copy/fax jobs can be better managed from different locations within the organization.
  • More efficiency – the combined solution proves to be more efficient in terms of operation, energy use, job speed, cost and job rate.
  • Ideal for small/growing businesses – the lower cost and improved efficiency of the integrated solution makes it very suitable for small and growing businesses.

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