Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Internet Based Printing Models Continue to Take Market Share from Traditional Print Operators Shows Recent Survey


New York, NY

Tech blog DigitalOlympus.com recently released results of a recent study about online printing. The results of the study indicate that more and more businesses are switching to online printing for their in-house, corporate and marketing-related printing projects and operations with the claim that it is faster, easier and cheaper than traditional printing using local print shops.

The survey, which was conducted by tech blog DigitalOlympus.com, was designed to gauge the public’s view of online printing when compared to traditional printing from a business perspective. Respondents were asked to select one or the other on the basis of (1) ease of use – being the relative ease with which the printing contractor is contacted and a job order is created and queued (2) processing time – being how long it generally takes for a quoted job to get done and find its way to the client and (3) cost – being how much it generally takes to get everyday printing tasks such as flyer printing, brochure printing, sticker printing or vinyl banners printing done.

According to the survey results, more than 65% of the respondents (who were drawn mainly from the public and private business sector) believe that online printing is better in terms of ease of use, processing time and cost. Here’s why:

It is a lot easier to go online and visit a website where you can register (sign up), place your order and make payment within 5 minutes, than to take a drive downtown or run across the street to your local printer’s office.

During peak production periods, it’s easy to get into a bind, and the last thing you want to do is wait in line at your local printer’s office. It’s a whole lot easier to just make a same-day order online and have it delivered to your office.

Finally, by eliminating most of the “middle processes” encountered in traditional printing, online printing simplifies the printing process and reduces costs for the client.

“Printing online is so easy. I can make an order for 50,000 business cards this morning and pick up by 5pm this evening – and with online job tracking I get to review the status of my order and the quality of the work before it hits the ground. It puts me squarely in control of things – and the hassle-free process isn’t bad either,” says a survey respondent.

For more on the survey, or for other exciting news stories, please visit digitalolympus.com.

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