Sunday, May 28th, 2017

What Is Labiaplasty? Consultant Surgeon Paul Banwell Shares His Expertise


Labiaplasty is a widely performed surgical procedure for female patients unhappy with a particular part of their anatomy and would like work done on it. It can be a source of discomfort and embarrassment for some people, but Consultant Surgeon Mr Paul Banwell has the skill to set it right.

The noted plastic surgeon Paul Banwell has introduced Labiaplasty as an area of expertise in his practice. It is now something of a growing trend in cosmetic alterations.

The procedure is ideal for patients who have experienced strain and or elongation in the female genital area, be it from childbearing, sexual intercourse, genetics, age or possibly even an accident or mishap. It has been proven to ameliorate localized pain. This is as well as enhancing the appearance of the vagina and increase feelings of sexual gratification.

Located in the South East of England, Paul Banwell maintains a discrete hard working practice, with modern cosmetic and re-constructive surgery as its speciality. A highly-sought after lecturer and expert, Mr Banwell has earned a global reputation in cosmetic surgery and skin health. He has been recognized as one of the foremost doctors in the country. Mr Banwell has also been widely published and has served as a visiting professor of plastic surgery at Harvard Medical School.

Mr Banwell offers each potential patient a thorough consultation in advance, as he considers every aspect of cosmetic surgery. He prefers at least two initial meetings to ensure the patient understands the procedure and process. A friend or family member may accompany the patient for support.

Paul Banwell carries out a number of successful cosmetic surgical procedures, including a labiaplasty. It is often employed to alleviate pain, distress or embarrassment. There are many women in Britain suffering from having inner lips which are too long or may be asymmetrical and wish to have them altered. They may be amended and re-sculpted through the administration of a labiaplasty by Paul Banwell.

If you wish more information on this particular procedure, among the many others carried out by Mr Banwell, then visit his website @

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