Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Are You A Mother to Be, Battling Alcohol Abuse? Let Abbeycare Give You The Facts


There are many unfortunate instances of expectant mothers battling alcohol abuse, who wish to give up for the sake of their baby. The Abbeycare Foundation can warn you of the dangers of drinking while pregnant and give you all the facts you need to give up for good,
The Abbeycare Foundation is located in Ayrshire, Scotland. It is the only residential alcohol treatment centre in the UK. Their focus is on alcoholism and the problems arising from alcohol abuse. Abbeycare has a 92% success rate from treatment to recovery. The program accepts anyone dealing with alcohol issues from the age of 18 or older.

At the UK’s only alcohol specific program, clients always receive care and effective treatment. Having only ten beds on the premises, Abbeycare caters to a maximum of ten clients at any one time. Every client receives individualized care, designed just for him or her. From detox to recovery, the 28-day stay consistently achieves great success. Qualified therapists run intensive programs, for groups and individuals. Abbeycare utilizes various programs, such as the 12-step program, alternative therapy program, cognitive-behavioural therapy and an individualized aftercare program. All these programs work well together.

The scourge of alcohol abuse can affect men and women of all age groups. Recovery from alcohol abuse is especially important to those women who plan to have a family. There is a great concern for the prevention of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). FAS is a disorder affecting the development of a baby’s physical and mental abilities in the first trimester. The syndrome varies in its severity, affecting one in a hundred children. It is completely preventable, by not consuming any alcohol during pregnancy. Alcohol travels to the placenta, affecting the baby’s health.

The symptoms of FAS are more noticeable at pre-school age and have many considerable problems. Children may exhibit speech and learning difficulties and poor short-term memory. They may lack social boundaries, have low attention span and hyperactivity. They also tend mix reality with fantasy.

The physical symptoms involve issues with slow growth, facial deformities such as tiny eyes that are far apart and a small jaw. They could have visibly flattened cheekbones, a small head and a flat nose. Some children have excessive body hair. FAS children may also develop abnormal internal organs, affecting the kidneys and heart. There are a lot of symptoms to look out for.
If you are a mum to be struggling with alcoholism, seek care. The Abbeycare Foundation has an excellent team of trained advisors and counsellors who can help you on your way to recovery. Find out more by going to the web site

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