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Young Entrepreneur Starts Food Craze From Glasgow


A young, entrepreneur is using Glasgow as a base to bring a wacky new food craze to the UK. Dags Hofrats, a former Glasgow Caledonian University student, has started selling Pizza Cones in the UK for the first time ever.


?A Pizza Cone is exactly as it sounds?, says Dags, ?the cone is made from pizza dough and filled with delicious pizza topping?


After selling over 1000 Pizza Cones in just 6 weeks in a trial at Caledonian Uni, Pizza Cones will go into full production from the 14th of January..


While a student at Glasgow Caledonian University, Dags came across Pizza Cones after typing ?crazy business ideas? into Google. Instantly hooked on the idea, eccentric Dags decided to take a break from his studies and give the ?crazy? idea a try.


Dags seized the opportunity to bring Pizza Cones to the UK and started importing the ingredients from Italy. Within months he had set up a trial in the Caledonian Uni refectory. The trial was so successful that Pizza Cones will be on the menu there 14th of January.

 ?Having always had an entrepreneurial spirit, I jumped at the chance to work with Pizza Cones,? says Dags. I used to sell computers from my bedroom when I was 13 years old ? I thought this was chance to have a business that my mum would approve of!?

Getting inspiration from successful business leaders really drove Dags? passion. From Eminem to Steve Jobs they provided the positive influence needed to spark his enthusiasm. Dags has also benefited from the support of Entrepreneurial Spark, Glasgow?s business incubator.


?Thanks to Entrepreneurial-Spark I now have people around me that give positive encouragement and support.  They have looked at my business from many different angles, and the fact they see the much needed entrepreneurial mind-set in me just makes me all the more determined, and sharing an office with likeminded individuals is a fantastic.?


If you fancy trying one of Dags? great tasting creations, pop in to the Caledionian Uni on 14th of January and prepare yourself for a miracle in a shape of a cone.


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