Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

On the Rise DJ Academy Announces Partnership with DJkit

Students of The DJ Academy Can Now Take Advantage of an Exclusive 10% Discount On A Range Of Premium Products One of the UK’s leading suppliers of premium DJ hardware has announced an exciting new partnership with On the Rise DJ Academy. DJkit is proud to support the London-based DJ and production school, which has been recognised by the industry as an important contributor to the nation’s emerging... [Read more]

Trivago for Flights Really Exists!

If you type the search term “trivago flights” into a search engine, you’re going to get lots of results… but if you look closely, you’ll see that most of them have very little to do with trivago at all. Millions of travelers and people looking to go on vacation love trivago to search for the absolute lowest price on a hotel room wherever they want to go. The “meta-search” function of... [Read more]

The mobile Smart Navigator App from FLEETCOR for App Store and Google Play

The updated version of the Smart Navigator Fueling Station Finder App has new features and greets its users with a refreshing interface. The ‘Smart Navigator’ App is designed to keep in mind the needs of the fuel card holders so that they can easily navigate in any situation. The application supports more languages including English, German, Dutch, French, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, and... [Read more]

Plan and Optimize your Route with a New Smart Navigator App from FLEETCOR

The Smart Navigator – Petrol Station Finder App from FLEETCOR is designed specifically for commercial fuel card users. The application was optimized since the company wanted its users to benefit from a better interface that should be more interactive and helpful. It also supports newer interface languages, making it ideal for multilingual Europe. The list of languages includes English, Slovak,... [Read more]

FleetCor Technologies, Inc. on Forbes Lists #14 Innovative Company | FLEETCOR

FLEETCOR, a global provider of euroShell cards, appears in top 15 the world’s most innovative companies by Forbes magazine. This year, Forbes has represented the list of the top 25 Most Innovative Companies. <a href=””>FleetCor Technologies</a>, Inc. took the 14th place in it, overpassing Marriott International, LG Household & Health Care,... [Read more]

United Access Partners with Performance Mobility to Provide Quality Adaptive Vehicles to People with Disabilities Nationwide

United Access officially welcomed Performance Mobility to the United Access family. Performance Mobility, a leading mobility dealership with nine locations across the country’s western regions, to help even more people with disabilities find independence on the road. It’s important that you understand the driving factor behind our decision to partner with Performance. Their mission, which is to... [Read more]

Emerging On The Scene Multi-Talented Hip Hop Artist MARK Universe

Up and coming Atlanta Rapper/Producer/Songwriter MARK Universe is taking the world by storm. His unique way of combining his lyrical flows with monster beats is nothing short of mystical. His air—charismatic; his passion—music; his profession— Hip Hop Artist/Performer; his name—MARK Universe. A rising star on the music scene, emerging as one of the progenitors of Hip Hop in the music arena,... [Read more]

FLEETCOR is in top 15 Innovative Companies by Forbes 2016 | FLEETCOR

FLEETCOR: NOW IN TOP 15 WORLD’S MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANIES BY FORBES 2016   Forbes Magazine has welcomed FleetCor Technologies, Inc. in the rating list of Top 100 Innovative Companies of the world by awarding the 14th place in the year 2016. Forbes creates a list that is not based on the past performance of a company or on the editorial choice. The rating is based on the current and expected... [Read more]

Couple uses bad situation to create business opportunity

HOBOKEN, NJ, UNITED STATES, January 6, 2017 Last October, newly engaged couple Gabrielle and Daniel decided to have their wedding on a yacht in Hoboken, NJ. They signed with a broker to arrange the wedding on the yacht venue. Fast forward to 5 months before the big day, they were informed by the owners of the yacht venue that the broker had gone bankrupt, had ceased all communication with their clients,... [Read more]

Home Exchanging comes to India – Make friends while traveling the world without spending on Accommodation.

Headline Items: Home Exchanging will allow Extended holidays without any spend on accommodation. This partnership between the world’s leading home exchange service ( and India’s leading holiday rental company ( will bring awareness of this concept and 24/7 customer support to Customers in the region. HomeExchange and Tripvillas are conducting a range of activities... [Read more]

This Friday get “The Golden Parachute” for just $.99 on Amazon!

Police Detective Arkaby thought he had resolved the strange murder of millionaire industrialist and bleeding edge bio-scientist Willum Mortimus Granger, whose completely severed body he discovered at the beginning tweet of Executive Severance, Book 1 of my Twitstery Twilogy. Arkaby is a by-the-book procedural investigator so full of himself he tweets every particular of his investigation, even though... [Read more]

The US Elections Will Determine Whether Or Not We Save Human Civilization

Ink ‘N Ivory Pty Ltd has today released a free report titled: “Hillary Clinton: The Tragic Truth”, available to anyone with an interest in the 2016 Presidential Elections and saving human civilization from total collapse. Verusha and Virend Singh, Australian best-selling authors of ‘The Inexplicable Laws of Success’, expressed concern that Americans are in the process of choosing... [Read more]

Kellari Taverna Partners With Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® & Commits To Serving Ocean-Friendly Seafood

New York, NY – October 17, 2016 – Kellari Taverna is proud to announce a formal partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program, committing to serve only seafood caught or farmed in ocean-friendly ways. Seafood Watch empowers consumers and businesses to make choices for healthy oceans. Using science-based, peer reviewed methods, Seafood Watch assesses how wild-caught and... [Read more]

“The Little Book of Website Quality Control,” a New Book by Jens Oliver Meiert

Former Google Tech Lead, long-time W3C contributor, and O’Reilly author Jens Oliver Meiert published a new book for O’Reilly’s Little Book tech series: “The Little Book of Website Quality Control.” The book elaborates on the topic of quality management for websites and shares why security, accessibility, usability, performance, functionality, maintainability, semantics, validation, design... [Read more]


Atlanta, Georgia—Many Rivers To Cross Festival will showcase over 30 of today’s hottest acts including T.I. , Macklemore., John Legend, Chris Rock, Common, Estelle, Carlos Santana, Public Enemy, Dave Matthews, and many more. Atlanta was chosen as the venue to host this inaugural event in part because of it’s rich civil rights history. The festival will take place at Bouckaert Horse Ranch... [Read more]

Need to drop a dress size for you big wedding day, freeze the fat with 3dLIPO

A new clinic called Viva skin and Laser specialising in fat freezing, the latest revolution in removing the excess fat off the abdomen and other unwanted bulges on the body. The Viva 3DLipo Fat Freeze Clinic has had an amazing response from the people looking to have the waistlines reduced and look years younger. Salon owner Elle Sarih tells us how she has been inundated with requests from women and... [Read more]

3rd Quarter News Update for Statewide Labor Law Firm

BUSY YEAR FOR EMPLOYMENT LAWYERS GROUP   The Employment Lawyers Group started 2016 with what ended up being a two month binding arbitration victory for lead counsel, Karl Gerber. On behalf of the Plaintiffs Karl Gerber prevailed. The arbitration result led to substantial Private Attorney General (PAGA) penalties.  Around the time of the arbitration Counsel, Ann Guleser found herself in a Federal... [Read more]

Nidora – A Method To Reduce Appetite. Forget About Binge Eating

An uncanny weight-loss product stimulates our sense of smell, makes us feel fuller sooner and with less food. It is called Nidora and it promises to do what diets and smoothies fail to fulfil – get us rid of fat, cellulite, and ravenous hunger. No one wants to be obese. In our fight against our favourite foods we’re always on the losers’ side. Counting calories, forcing ourselves... [Read more]


Hailing from San Antonio, Texas—Simply Rayne, also known as the “New” Princess of R&B, recently released her new soulful ballad and accompanying music video, “Need to Know,” a song focusing on a first time broken heart. When asked about her new single, she stated “By writing this song, I was able to express my feelings more openly and freely about the break up. I can imagine other... [Read more]

Internet celebrity dog, PITHUAHUA (the half Pit Bull, half Chihuahua sensation), stars in a new web series of the same name

July 4, 2016 For Immediate Release Internet celebrity dog, PITHUAHUA (the half Pit Bull, half Chihuahua sensation), stars in a new web series of the same name LOS ANGELES, CA – Imagine celebrity dog life — sponsors, public appearances and millions of social media followers. Think of world-famous dogs like Boo or Tuna (of TunaMeltsMyHeart). Pithuahua was one of them. He was quickly climbing... [Read more]

CA Technologies Appoints Surya Panditi General Manager of India Technology Center

Former Cisco Executive to Lead CA Product Development Efforts in Bangalore and Hyderabad HYDERABAD, June 30, 2016 — CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) today announced that Surya Panditi has been named General Manager of its India Technology Center, effective July 11, 2016. Panditi will be based in Hyderabad, leading development efforts there and in the company’s facility in Bangalore. He will report to... [Read more]

“How to Work on Oneself,” a new Jens Oliver Meiert book on growth

Ex-Googler, philosopher, and traveler Jens Oliver Meiert ( released a new edition of his little books, How to Work on Oneself (Amazon). From the book description: “How can we learn more effectively, how can we best work on ourselves, how do we grow? That is the subject of this brief book, this short sketch by philosopher and world traveler Jens Oliver Meiert. A light treatise on personal... [Read more]

HoldenCAPITAL Remains Australia’s Number One Construction Finance Firm Brisbane-based specialist finance group confirms successes in deal structuring and sourcing of debt and equity solutions.

Boasting over 60 active debit and equity providers, including banks both large and small, and mortgage trusts which provide the ability to create “appropriate levels of competitive appetite,”HoldenCAPITAL has quickly become Australia’s number one specialist construction finance group, being recognised as a market leader as a result of its accomplishments in deal structuring and sourcing of debt... [Read more]

Hibernian Publishing Holds Book Launch for Ria:Remnant of the Khan

Summary: Local author, Woody Keller, presented himself along with his first book, Ria: Remnant of the Khan, to well over 100 book lovers attended the event at the Toms River Country Club on Thursday, May 19, 2016. May 31, 2016: A Book Release Reception by Hibernian Publishing LLC was held on Thursday, May 19, 2016. The new suspense novel, Ria: Remnant of the Khan, was introduced to the public for the first... [Read more]

Mortgage Fraud Examiners Warns: Beware of the Latest Foreclosure Rescue Scam – Foreclosure “Stall” Attorneys

Mortgage Fraud Examiners, the investigative firm who warned the public about loan modification scams, the “criminal loan modification trap,” “securitization/forensic audits,” scams and the “Mortgage Elimination” scam is now warning that foreclosure “pretense” attorneys may be cheating homeowners out of victory by ignoring contract breaches and tortious acts underlying their mortgage... [Read more]

Homeowners Receiving Multimillion-Dollar Awards Attacking Banks Using the Loan Contract

Storm Bradford Founder Of The Nationwide Investigative Firm Mortgage Fraud Examiners Discloses To Homeowners The Latest Techniques That Lenders Can’t Defeat. When asked how the mechanism works, Bradford explained: “It’s very simple; appraisal fraud, other tortious conduct, contract breaches, errors, setoffs, statutory/regulatory violations, etc., underlie over 90% of mortgage transactions.... [Read more]

Malfi López releases his first single Enséñame a olvidarte

Enséñame a olvidarte A new artist who shines with talent and charisma For Juan A. Lopez Silverio, better known as Malfi Lopez, music is much more than just the combination of lyrics and chords. This Latin American youth, who is just 22 years old, expects to go far with his music, and with it, he hopes to make the world a better place. Malfi Lopez was born in 1992 into a Dominican family with a passion... [Read more]

Personalised Photo Frames

Personalised Photo Frames – The Engraved Gifts Company. The Engraved Gifts Company has just launched an exciting new range of photo frames all of which can be personalised for free to make great gifts that can be used for almost every occasion that you can think of. We are very passionate about making sure we have the very latest product offerings. Our new additions add extra versatility to our... [Read more]

NSS Group introduces cloud server to 19 countries

Flexibility is the main advantage of using cloud server. The specifications of cloud server can be adjusted based on the events / activities you are planning to have. You are only required to pay the exact amount based on your usage. NSS Group provides clients with reliable Cloud Server at affordable price in addition to its many choices of data location. NSS Group introduces cloud server to 19 countries... [Read more]

Presidential election to be predicted by Sundae Poll

For Immediate Release: Media Contact: Amy Weirick February 19, 2016 Office: (614) 848-8380 Mobile: (614) 296-8513 [email protected] Presidential election to be predicted by Sundae Poll State’s history of successfully forecasting election outcomes to be tested at Ohio ice cream factory UTICA, OH – Velvet Ice Cream is offering Americans an early opportunity... [Read more]