Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Phoeniks will bring innovative commercial cooking equipment in Perth


The famous Australian supplier of European commercial cooking equipment will distribute its innovative pieces of catering and commercial cooking equipment in Perth and Brisbane from now on.

PHOENIKS – the unique supplier of European innovative commercial cooking equipment in Australia – has indeed decided to distribute much more innovative commercial cooking equipment perth and in Brisbane too. The company indeed considers that Brisbane and especially Perth are fast growing cities welcoming more and more restaurants, hotels and other businesses related to the hospitality industry.

Supplying more commercial cooking equipment in Perth and Brisbane

Until now Phoeniks has been focused on Melbourne and Sydney. Having experienced a great success in those 2 main Australian cities for its unique innovative commercial cooking equipment, the commercial cooking equipment company chose to extend its network of distribution. Even though they already work with a national network of dealers and technicians who are located in every capital city of Australia, Phoeniks will redouble its efforts to become more famous in Perth and Brisbane. The supplier of European innovative commercial cooking equipment really considers that more and more hospitality businesses need more and more innovative kitchen solutions in Australia: this means user-friendly, interactive, efficient and energy-saving commercial kitchen and commercial cooking equipment. Supplying a very big range of commercial cooking equipment (bratt pans, ventilated ceiling, combi oven, vegetable cutting machine etc.), Phoeniks is able to satisfy any need of any Australian commercial kitchen, whatever its type (canteen, restaurant, catering site etc.) and size. The Australian commercial cooking equipment supplier will keep on working with its 9 exclusive partners who have been developing unique quality brands including MKN, Salvis, Brunner, Tournus, hydria Gif, Elro, Dietatec, Vauconsant and Cuisine Design.

New commercial cooking equipment Perth

Phoeniks has started implementing new exciting commercial cooking equipment projects for the beginning of 2013. They are for instance installing an Hydria Gif ventilated ceiling at the Duxton Hotel in Perth and they are going to equip the commercial kitchens of CROWN with a state-of-the-art multifunctional piece of commercial cooking equipment – Flexichef. Such a piece of commercial cooking equipment has been awarded in Europe for its unique performance. In short, Phoeniks started the New Year with stimulating projects in Perth and is willing to continue in this way.

Trade shows for suppliers of commercial cooking equipment

PHOENIKS will also keep on taking part in massive trade shows to communicate more about their European unique commercial cooking equipment. The latest trade show took place in Fine Food in Melbourne and welcome hundreds of professionals from the hospitality industry including the greatest commercial cooking equipment suppliers in Australia: Rational, Moffat, Robot Coupe, Phoeniks of course, and others. It was a real pleasant trade show that lasted 3 days. The next trade show for commercial cooking equipment suppliers will take place in Melbourne at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton: Foodservice 2013. Phoeniks will be proud to introduce new commercial cooking equipment and even make some demonstrations if possible. They do hope that it will be as successful as it was in Fine Food: the tourism and hospitality industries seem to be going well anyway!

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