Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Phoeniks offers fantastic price cuts on combi ovens


The Australian famous catering equipment company Phoeniks is selling MKN combi ovens suitable for commercial kitchens at prices that you have never seen before: two models of combi ovens made by MKN (Germany) are being sold up to 40% cheaper at the moment. Phoeniks offers special prices on 2 combi ovens of the MKN Hansdampf range: the Compact Pro 6 x 1/1 Tray combi oven ($9,995 instead of $16,000!) and the Gold 10 X 1/1 Tray combi oven ($14,995 instead of $22,500!).

Both combi ovens are supplied with a free box of cleaning cartridges and include a 3-year warranty. They are equipped with an automatic cleaning system and have innovative automatic cooking systems for various types of food (poultry, meat, fish, vegetables, bakery products etc.). With the Gold 10 X 1/1 Tray combi oven you can choose to cook with convection and pressure-less fresh steam either separately, combined or one after the other.

Combi ovens designed for commercial kitchens

Such combi ovens are suitable for commercial kitchens and catering businesses seeking for very high performance and quality commercial cooking equipment. Whether in top restaurants and hotels, catering chains, fine dining etc. combi ovens enable to achieve better and faster results than traditional or convection ovens do.

Actually, a combi oven includes functionalities of a steam cooker and a convection oven since it can produce either moist heat, or dry heat or even both at different temperatures. Consequently, such a piece of catering equipment can cook multiple types of food in various ways: roasting, poaching, grilling, steaming, baking, and braising. The major advantages of combi ovens are the short cooking times and gentle preparation methods. As a result food is cooked faster with a better quality insofar as vitamins, nutrients and trace elements are preserved.

MKN combi ovens: German quality

With the HansDampf gold, MKN set new standards in combination cooking technology. This innovative and intelligent piece of catering equipment has been awarded the Dr. Georg Triebe innovation prize.

The world famous catering equipment manufacturer produces commercial kitchen equipment in Germany only. Thus, high quality is guaranteed for all the commercial kitchen products that they manufacture. Innovative MKN commercial kitchen products have influenced the modern world of commercial cooking technology and it is not surprising to see that innovation is crucial in this company: they are always developing new ideas for commercial kitchens all around the world. Furthermore, MKN carried out a deep study about the real needs of their customers. As a result, they conclude that the most important issues for them were the food quality, economic efficiency of catering equipment, easy handling as well, and perfect reliability.

Phoeniks and MKN have been working hand-in-hand for more than 4 years now. Their strong partnership has enabled to distribute many high quality combi ovens all around Australia and have so helped restaurants achieve terrific results. Phoeniks promises the highest quality only. This is why they decided to work with German, Swiss and French companies that manufacture catering equipment in-house.

To get more information on combi ovens supplied by Phoeniks, you can contact the company at [email protected]

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