Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Phoeniks will officially take part in Foodservice Australia


The Australian leading supplier of European commercial catering equipment announced that they will attend one of the biggest food and hospitality events: Foodservice Australia. It will take place in Melbourne from June 2nd to June 4th at the Royal Exhibition building. Phoeniks will introduce successful projects that were recently carried out and absolutely new, state-of-the-art commercial catering equipment.


Foodservice Australia is becoming more and more important among the Australian food and hospitality industry shows. Phoeniks is going to present exceptional commercial catering equipment. For instance, the Flexichef – a revolutionary piece of catering equipment – has started being distributed in Australia since January 2013. Phoeniks is the only Australian supplier that is able to supply such an incredible piece of commercial catering equipment. MKN – exclusive partner of Phoeniks – is the firm that designs and manufactures the “Flexichef”. Considered as an exceptional innovation, “Flexichef” belongs to highest quality commercial catering equipment. It is actually one of the major innovations ever invented in the hospitality industry: after winning several Innovation Awards, “FlexiChef” has indeed broken record when it comes to commercial catering equipment technology.

Customer service: still a central issue for the supplier of European commercial catering equipment

Phoeniks has always being strongly focused on customer service when it deals with managing commercial catering equipment projects. Not only is it crucial to deliver commercial catering equipment of the greatest quality, but it is also essential to provide their clients the best service and advice. All requirements and needs have to be fulfilled; all deadlines have to be strictly met: such a rigorous customer service policy is what Jacques MORIN – CEO of Phoeniks – considers as the number one key success factor.

To make customer service even more important, Phoeniks developed a large network of Australian local, skilled technicians: should anything happen with any piece of commercial catering equipment, those experts can intervene quickly to fix what is wrong. Also, Phoeniks disposes of large stocks of spare parts for every piece of commercial catering equipment: ventilated ceilings, vegetable slicers, combi oven, commercial brat pans, and other various pieces of commercial catering equipment. Such huge stocks enable them to repair any products anywhere in Australia at any time.

New commercial catering equipment means new exciting projects for Phoeniks

Phoeniks managed in the beginning of 2013 large and successful projects for famous cafés, restaurants and hotels of Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. They indeed brought lots of new commercial catering equipment to them. Phoeniks aims at creating, developing and managing bigger and bigger commercial catering equipment projects all around Australia. They intend to communicate more on their commercial catering equipment projects as well. Thus, the Australian leader will diffuse more information regarding their commercial catering equipment projects. Sharing relevant information is something important for the project managers in Phoeniks: they actually want to show and prove that the highest quality commercial catering equipment they have been supplying have contributed to develop the Australian food and hospitality industry a lot. Today Phoeniks is proud to keep on playing such a role and strengthen the Australian hospitality industry.

In 2013, one can expect more and more exciting commercial catering equipment projects and amazing innovations to come with Phoeniks.

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