Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Report From Proves App-Based Product Marketing As A Winning Strategy


New York, NY

Some businesses invest considerably in building and hosting websites, sometimes simply to put their brand on the Internet, or to serve as a storefront for their products and services. Some even invest in SEO efforts to get their websites to the top of search engine result pages (SERP’s), only for potential customers to bounce (leave the site) due to unoptimized web design.

Times are changing, and the way people respond to products and services offered online through websites is also changing. People want to connect more with their brands, and this is why the app strategy is selling for many businesses. Having a static website that does not connect with customers can really damage a business’ web conversion earnings even though the site gets a high level of hits from online search.

“People are really not going to fill out a form. They want to call and talk to somebody who’s knowledgeable. We knew what made us different, but we weren’t doing a good job of showing it,” said Michele Bracci, director of marketing at Verve Medical Cosmetics.

Promotional and marketing techniques like TV, radio and print (including common printing services like custom labels printing, sticker printing and vinyl banners printing), in combination with rigorous SEO efforts can help put a business’ website on the top search result pages (SERP’s), but a conscious web design effort to put the facts in front of the consumer and sound more real and personal can help a website retain customers and generate the profits it was intended to create.

More tips on how businesses can fix existing websites to increase organic conversion rates will be published in an upcoming article on

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