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Study shows reduced inflamation and speed in recovery time for performance equine.


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The Effect of Exercise and Nutritional Supplementation on Proinflammatory Cytokine Expression in Young Racehorses During Training*

Equine Nutriceuticals, LLC aims to help maintain overall health and well being of

Performance Equines with Patented Technologies for Enhanced Bioavailability, backed

by Published and Peer Reviewed Studies

MANCHESTER, CT, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2012 ?? Equine Nutriceuticals, LLC announced that it will be exhibiting at the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) 58th annual show in Anaheim, CA, December 2 to 5, 2012, introducing new technologies for performance equines – Double Diamond® I Formula for Peak-Equine-Performance.

Paul H. Schwartz, DVM, President of Equine Nutriceuticals agrees with the studies. ?Lameness in horses is the most common cause of diminished athletic performance; studies have shown that less than 80% of 2-year old racehorses in training are able to complete their training and go on to race, and increased attention has focused on the role of inflammatory mediators.  What we set out to do was adapt the strong body of knowledge on inflammatory response to exercise in human athletes, to young racehorses in training?and provide evidence of the effectiveness of this approach through research.?

Targeted as the ?Equine Energy & Recovery-Powerhouse,? studies show this special synergistic formula helps support and maintain healthy inflammatory-responses in performance equines, specifically:

Mitochondrial Powerhouse
Helps Energize & Maintain Optimal Mitochondrial Functioning & Peak-Equine-Performance  
Helps Support Recovery After Performance Events
Studies Show That Specific Supplementation Helps Support & Maintain A Healthy Inflammatory Response In Young Race Horses During Training
Utilizing Patented Technologies For Enhanced Bioavailability 

The Double Diamond® I Formula was created based on the scientifically proven and published research in the landmark book, ?The Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology?. The book laid the foundation for what the Equine Nutriceuticals? team set out to achieve. In order to transfer the principles of the book about human metabolic cardiology to performance equines, the company left no stone unturned in its quest for top professional insight and the ideal formulation.  

The resulting product features:

No fewer than eight (8) patents in a patented pending formula in addition to patented technology for enhanced bioavailability 
GRAS-approved raw materials sourced from four Pharmaceutical ingredient suppliers
Blended in a state-of-art facility licensed to manufacture pharmaceuticals.  

The process of developing the product, including the background studies performed by the Maxwell Gluck Equine Research Center, University of Kentucky and R&D from all ingredient suppliers took almost 5 years and included a review and oversight process involving top equine veterinarians and other medical professionals who make up the company?s 20-member Scientific Advisory Board.

?We hit the ground running with over 40 years of experience in the health and equine performance businesses, and recruited a top notch advisory board of Veterinarian?s, MD?s, PhD?s, Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. Our formula and philosophies truly represent the cutting edge.? said Dr Schwartz.

In addition, the concepts behind the company?s work in the area of equine nutritional supplementation has been the subject of published and peer-reviewed scientific studies, copies of which will be made available at the AAEP show (booth #1552) and on the company website at .  

At the AAEP show, there will be a Scientific Seminar featuring one of the studies, by David W. Horohov, PhD, of the Maxwell Gluck Equine Research Center at the University of Kentucky.  Dr. Horohov will discuss his findings, as published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science (JEVS), ?The Effect of Exercise and Nutritional Supplementation on Proinflammatory Cytokine Experession in Young Racehorses During Training.?  The seminar takes place on December 5, 2012, at 12:35 PM in Hall C of the Anaheim Convention Center. 

A second study, ?Coenzyme Q10 in Equine Serum: Response to Supplementation,? also published in JEVS, will be available at the show (booth #1552) and on the company?s website.  It is believed that this study is the first of its kind measuring CoQ10 levels of young racehorses during training on a racetrack. A special Patented high-bioavailability CoQ10 is one of the key ingredients in the proprietary formulation of Double Diamond® I Formula for Peak-Equine-Performance.  

Ingredients in this patent pending proprietary formula include:

Patented Bioenergy Ribose® – A Mitochondrial Energizer That Helps Enhance Recovery And Endurance
Patented HydroQSorb® CoQ10 ? The Most Bioavailability Of Any CoQ10 Powder In         The World ? The Spark For Energy
Patented GlycoCarn® Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine Hydrochloride (GPLC) ? The Ultimate Performance Enhancing Ingredient ? brings the formula together to help optimize overall functioning and recovery
Patented Bio-Curcumin® BCM-95 ? Highly Bioavailable Turmeric Extract Helps Maintain Healthy Inflammatory Responses
BosPure® Boswella (10% AKBA) ? Helps Maintain Healthy Inflammatory Responses

 (Additional details on the ingredients and formulation can be found on the company?s website at

The new product is available exclusively through Veterinarians, in keeping with the company?s belief that equine medical professionals are the critical link between the overall health & well-being of performance equines. Trainers, farm managers, breeders, and other professionals involved in their care and training can get this product only thru veterinarians.  

The concept of ?Helping to manage non-pharmacologic nutritional supplementation to reduce exercise-induced inflammatory pathologies in racehorses? is the core underpinning of Dr. Horohov?s study, and the company is fully committed to the belief that Veterinarians are best suited to oversee all aspects of managing performance equines.   Because of the interest in non-pharmacologic and other new modalities, this commitment to the Veterinary community means that the company will be actively seeking the support of DVMs as the exclusive distribution channel to ultimately deliver on the goal of helping to manage the reduction of exercise-induced inflammatory pathologies in racehorses. 

As Equine Nutriceuticals prepares for this trade show, the company is hard at work spreading the word about the Double Diamond® I formula, and is also deeply into R&D on its next group of drug-free formulas for equine.  The company is also busy cultivating relationships with university equine research centers in its drive to ensure that its work responds to the cutting edge of equine science.  ?There are many other ideas we have covering special programs for the performance equine, and we are committed to keeping up with or staying ahead of advances and scientific happenings that affects our work, ? said Dr Schwartz.  ?We are in the forefront of scientifically sound, and innovative and effective ways to maximize the capabilities of performance equines.  We are devoted to developing, testing, and delivering cutting edge solutions to performance equine owners through our partners in the Veterinary field, backed by scientific research.?

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