Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 recently introduced a website that features several Cloud Hosted PBX plans that offer unlimited business calling for as low as $22.95 a month. The new website also helps customers to sign up more easily.   New York, NY   Top Cloud Hosted PBX provider launched a new website that offers a better user […]

Business Telephone System Provider has launched a new batch of web pages designed to provide in-depth information about the best-selling Avaya phone systems.   Bay Shore, New York   Telecom expert is proud to unveil innovative web pages with in-depth information about their top-of-the-line Avaya phone systems. Always thinking about meeting customer needs […]

New York, NY, a New York-based company well-known for offering Cisco IP phones at competitive prices on the web, posted a comprehensive guide on the Cisco IP phone 7942 that explains readers why most people prefer it over conventional phones, listing its many features and advantages. The article enumerates the most popular reasons why […]

Bay Shore, NY Business phone system company,, announces a 10% discount on one of its groundbreaking products: miDoor ID0100-40. This is an internet-enabled garage door opener app that allows users to monitor their garage doors and control them remotely. The revolutionary product is compatible with Apple and Android devices. Users can access it via […]

Bay Shore, NY Accessing fax and copy functions from the same equipment has strategic advantages for businesses. In this business review telecom experts discuss benefits of integrated document control solutions. “Document processing and control is critical in business and it is essential that services such as fax and document copy are accessed as easily […]

Bay Shore, NY Insider Review this week focuses on the use of VPN routers to create dynamic, wide-range and secure VPN networks, with expert VPN advice courtesy of phone system experts From the Experts: “VPN routers are an essential component of high performance business networks, as they add flexibility, security and power to installed […]

Bay Shore, NY Insider Review this week takes a look at the importance of ethernet switches, key selection criteria, key recommendations and other factors, courtesy of phone experts From the Experts: “Ethernet switches are the building blocks of business VoIP phone system solutions and emphasis should be placed on quality and performance.” – Yaron […]

New York, NY Hosted PBX plans lower business telecom costs, reveals this edition of Business Tech Guide from phone system experts About Hosted PBX Hosted PBX plans and arrangements vary, but typically offer standard business functions such as voicemail, paging, call forwarding, automated attendant (with greeting and call routing), conferencing facilities, and others through […]

Bay Shore, NY   Phone systems are essential for any business, non-profit or organization and art galleries also stand to benefit from installing optimized communications solutions. This latest edition of the Ultimate Phone System Selection Guide from phone experts highlights premium phone selection tips for art galleries.   Benefits of Optimized Phone Systems for […]

Telecom industry has made much advancement in telephony division. PBX is on such innovation which has completely changed the picture how a telephone network is being used within a company. PBX stands for private branch exchange, which means having a private telephone network system. The PBX users share more than one outside lines for making […]

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