Friday, July 28th, 2017

Terms & Conditions

News Releases on must be clear and newsworthy, free from advertising messages, spam and direct address.

You are responsible for the content and accuracy of all news copy and other information submitted by you to PressAbout. Because of the volume of information and copy submitted to PressAbout, PressAbout cannot be responsible for verifying facts contained in Submitted Materials. All Submitted Materials must follow PressAboout’ss editorial guidelines which can be found below and are subject to change at any time at PressAbout’s discretion.

PressAbout reserves the right (i) to reject or edit Submitted Materials, provided that substantive edits to the Submitted Materials will not be done without your consent; and (ii) to remove any press release from its web site, pull any press release from distribution or deny approval to any press release.

– Titles must not contain URL’s
– Titles must not be a list of keywords
– Titles must not be offensive or racist
– Title should not include the authors name
– Content should be newsworthy – eg timely information about a product, service, business expansion, event, organizational change etc. It must not be simply a product advertisement listing the features of the product.
– Objective – the press release should refrain from using direct address (i.e. “you”, “I”, “we”, etc), except when used within quotes.
– Refrain from using hype flags, eg exclamation points or words such as AMAZING, or use of uppercase to stress emphasis.
– The press release should be legally accurate
– The press release should contain valid contact information.
– Press Releases ideally should be between 300 and 800 words in length.
– Press Releases should be free from gramatical error and spelling mistakes.
– Personal Opinons are not press releases
– Advertisments are not Press Releases
– Sexually explicit content will not be published.
– Links – on average 1 per 100 words
– Accurate information, by submitting the press release you are assuring the information contained in the release is accurate.
– Online gambling, fantasy sports, viagra and related spammy content will not be published.

You consent to receive communications from PressAbout concerning the Service electronically by email to the email address you provided in connection with your account. You may change the email address to which PressAbout sends communications by notifying PressAbout in writing (which may be by email).

PressAbout may suspend or terminate your account at any time at its sole discretion, without liability to you.

You are responsible for all activity occurring under your account and shall abide by all applicable local, state, national and foreign laws, treaties and regulations in connection with your use of the Service.

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