Sunday, May 28th, 2017

The New App That’s Got Dog Lovers Clicking


‘Clickety Dog at Pet School’, the app that?s already a favourite with dog lovers, will be available for Blackberry Playbooks in time for Christmas.

Now Playbook users will be able to train their own perfect puppy. ?Clickety Dog? is unique in that gameplay is directly linked to real-life scenarios and dog behaviour. It doubles up as a fun, interactive pet game for both children and adults to enjoy, as well as being a training guide, full of hints and tips to help players train their own dog using the popular and effective ?clicker training? method.

?I first had the idea for Clickety Dog when I was training my own dog,? says the app?s publisher and dog coach Vicky Carne ?We wanted it to feel like training a real dog, and I think we?ve succeeded ? your dog doesn?t always do what you want!?

  • The only dog training game that accurately simulates real-life scenarios and dog behaviour
  • Real-life intelligence and obedience develop as you train the dog in the game
  • Players can use a real clicker to interact with the game ? practice makes perfect!
  • Interactive and engaging ? both as a dog training guide and a fun game
  • Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Android devices including Kindle Fire & now, Blackberry Playbooks

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