Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Verti Smart Tags. Building the world’s largest Social Lost & Found Network


Verti is about never losing a thing. We are building the World’s largest Social Lost and Found Network. Verti is the easiest way of monitoring and preventing you from losing your valuables and the fastest way of tracking and finding your precious items in the event that they are misplaced. Verti is packed with modern and user friendly features making it the best looking Smart Tag in the market.

Miami is at the Center of Building the World’s Largest
“Social Lost & Found” Network.
Miami, Florida, (Aug. 11) – Misplaced your Smartphone around the house? Can’t
remember where you last placed your car keys? How about searching for the
television remote?

South Florida residents will get the first opportunity to be a part of building
what’s being called the world’s largest “Social Lost & Found” network. A new
Miami based startup, Verti Smart Technologies, will be introducing their
revolutionary Bluetooth Smart Tags during a crowdfunding event on Saturday,
August 15th in Downtown Miami.

The Bluetooth LE device can be clipped onto anything that you can’t afford to
lose. Tag Verti onto all of your valuable items, from pets to phones, luggage to
purses – you can track these items from the Verti app on your smartphone.
The Verti Team aims to ignite a global movement around keeping track of
commonly lost items by leveraging the power of the crowd. Imagine losing your
dog on South Beach and hundreds of Verti Apps within close proximity are
passively alerted to help find your lost pet. With the help of the entire
Community of Verti App users, an alert will securely be sent to your phone letting
you know the exact location of your lost valuable.

The sleek and nicely designed tags offer much more than just being able to find
lost items. They also prevent you from losing them in the first place. No more
forgetting your bag at the coffee shop! With extra features like separation alerts,
users are immediately alerted whenever their Verti smart tag and smart phone
moves beyond 100ft. The Verti tags can also be used as a remote control for the
camera on your Smartphone – perfect for selfies or group photos.

About Verti

Three years ago when Founder/CEO Luke Thomas lost his keys on Miami Beach,
what started off as a relaxing Sunday afternoon, soon turned into a frustrating
scavenger hunt. He was one of the lucky few to find his treasured keys in the
sand, but not before getting sunburnt, dehydrated, and frustrated beyond
comprehension. He thought, “There has to be a better way to keep up with
keys.” With a deep background in Network Engineering, Luke put his skills into
action to solve an age-old problem by creating a simple and affordable device to
locate lost valuable items.

Verti’s innovative device will be available for preview to invited guests at their
exclusive launch event, this Saturday August 15th in Downtown Miami.
To learn more about Verti or to RSVP for the Crowdfunding event, contact Verti
Smart Technologies. Email: [email protected] or visit the website at and signup for their updates.

Be part of the largest Social Lost-and-Found Network! Check out our story and get a chance to be the one of our Backers and receive great perks. Click on this link – – to be brought to our Indiegogo page to learn more. Be part of the breakthrough and NEVER LOSE A THING!

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