Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Winter Essential: Touchscreen-Friendly Gloves


It’s been few years since Apple released the first iPhone, and in that short time touchscreens have become a ubiquitous part of contemporary life. There’s no dearth of opinions on the effects of smartphones and tablet devices — everything from praise for the way they’ve transformed quotidian chores into minor inconveniences to meditations on their more ominous social ramifications — but really, we’re just happy for all the help they provide when you’re, say, looking for the nearest place to grab a coffee. There is, however, a problem that arises each winter: the question of gloves.

The average pair nullifies any Svengali-like power your fingertips may exert over these tiny machines, but when temperatures dive, as they do this time of year, naked hands are not recommended. There are certainly options that aim to rectify this conundrum, but we’ve found they tend to err on the side of practicality rather than personality. So imagine our delight to find these wool-blend gloves from that are not only subtly stylish, they actually work. And we’re not just talking about the grander finger commands (like sliding to unlock). They’re equally adept at punching out an email or shooting off a quick text on a shrunken keyboard. Whatever will they think of next?

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