0Tutor.com opens sister site with Macromedia Flash tutorials


We at http://www.0tutor.com have been providing Adobe Photoshop tutorials for a while now, we have many talents but cant publish them all at the same time, but now we are ready to launch a new sister site to www.photoshop.0tutor.com, providing Macromedia Flash tutorials at http://www.flash.0tutor.com.

But don’t worry, we will not lower the quality or the amount of tutorials we post just because we also need to post on a new subject. Our philosophy is still the same, to provide new and fresh tutorials to the public as often as possible and to keep the users happy.

Why we don’t just make a new category on the previous site instead of making a new sister site for Flash tutorials?
Well its quite simple, we dont have the same people posting and administrating both the Photoshop site and the Flash site, there for we will keep them as separated as possible to keep it simple to administrate.

Contact: Jones Hansen, Director of Public Relations, [email protected]

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