19 Year Old Takes a Stab at Web 2.0 With a Social Site For Computing and Technology.


LONG ISLAND, Ny. – April 10, 2007 – Tweako.com, the user-generated social website focused on technology and computing, went live last Thursday, March 29th. The site is designed to allow users to submit guides, tutorials, how-to’s, general information, and more, covering all computing topics from installing Windows to programming in Java. As for the mission of the site, the creator, Michael Stefanello, a 19 year old college student, stated that, “The project was designed to give people interested in these areas a place to pool their knowledge and learn from one another. The site welcomes anyone, at any technical proficiency, and makes the learning process much more fun and enjoyable. In the end, I hope to create a massive repository of computing information, where anyone can come to and quickly learn anything.”

Aside from just submitting content, which can be voted and commented on, the users are free to message back and forth, customize their own profile and news feed page, build a list of buddies, ask for and offer help in a forum, and now receive 30% of the sites Adsense revenue generated from their written articles.

Shortly after the launch, Scott Gilbertson, of Wired.com, wrote a positive review of the site, dubbing it the “Digg for Tutorials.” And by the end of the day, the article reached the front page of social news giant, Digg.com. It has been a week since, and Tweako now boasts almost 800 user-submitted technical articles, and close to 400 registered users.

When asked about the feeling of being compared to a site like Digg, Michael stated that, “It was truly remarkable to go from reading about a great site like Digg everyday, to reading headlines with my site next to theirs. With that, though, came the many negative opinions of it being a clone. I wasn’t claiming this to be a ground breaking innovation, just simply what I thought to be a great site with a great purpose. And although Digg did an amazing job innovating the concept of user involvement and voting, the voting process has been around forever. It can make every site that much better and that is why it has become so popular. They should be extremely proud of what they’ve accomplished.”

“With the way the web has evolved, the potential for anyone to create something amazing will always be there. I only hope this story can influence others to try as well.”

After seeing so many deep-funded, staffed companies being formed to produce websites for this new Internet era we are in, it is amazing to see a 19 year old, currently unfunded and working alone, launch a site that is becoming as popular as it is.

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