Glissandra Skincare is pleased to announce an exciting promotion to mark the season of love, with special offers for current and prospective distributors.

Vancouver, BC, February 08, 2012 — Glissandra Skincare Inc. has announced a new promotion to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2012. Distributors in its lucrative network marketing program (also referred to as multi-level marketing, MLM, direct sales, or community commerce) are invited to take advantage of these exclusive, limited-time opportunities.

Glissandra Skincare is a health-focused skincare company whose groundbreaking anti-aging products are available through its international network of independent distributors. This Valentine’s Day, the company is showing appreciation to independent distributors and friends with its rejuvenating Eye Cream, packed with a trio of potent ingredients – Glissandrin™, Eyeliss™, and Haloxyl™- to reduce under eye circles, calm puffiness, erase fine lines, and more. Until February 14, 2012, when distributors purchase Glissandra’s groundbreaking suite of anti-aging products – Serum, Face Cream, and Eye Cream – they will receive a bonus, full-size Eye Cream (retail value $88US).

Additionally, when a new distributor is sponsored into the program and purchases a Quality Enroller Bonus package (QEB) at sign up, both the sponsor and the new distributor will each receive a bonus, full-size Eye Cream (retail value $88US). The QEB comprises Glissandra’s complete anti-aging skincare system: Serum, Face Cream, and Eye Cream. When purchased upon initial registration, the QEB allows new distributors to enjoy extra earnings on future sales.

Glissandra products are powered by Glissandrin™, a patented suite of potent natural compounds scientifically proven to enhance the cell’s natural antioxidative capabilities and to target mitochondrial decay, the fundamental cause of aging. The products have been clinically tested for safety and effectiveness in addressing all visible signs of skin aging holistically, particularly for users with sensitive skin.

Glissandra Skincare welcomes new distributors to join its growing team. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the company’s website,, for more information on this exciting opportunity.

About Glissandra™ Skincare Inc.

Glissandra™ Skincare Inc. is a network marketing company (also known as multi-level marketing, MLM, direct sales, or community commerce) dedicated to providing effective anti-aging skincare through its holistic approach to skin health. Glissandra’s comprehensive skincare system is the result of over 20 years of research and development at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, led by Professor Robert Ko, PhD (University of British Columbia). Over 100 research papers have been published on its key proprietary ingredient, Glissandrin™, a suite of natural compounds extracted from the Schisandra berry. In-vivo and in-vitro studies have proven the ability of Glissandrin™ to address mitochondrial decay, the leading cause of aging, and to enhance the cell’s natural ability to fight oxidative damage (
Glissandra Skincare Inc. Shares the Love with Special Offers for Valentine’s Day 2012

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