Aberstar Fast Freight Ltd., a Longtime Champion of LTL freight, Is Now in Full Expansion Mode as a Top Provider of Time-Critical Expedited Shipping Solutions


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Mississauga, Ontario – These days, Mike Rogers, General Manager of Aberstar Fast Freight, is a very busy man, as he at any time of the day is in charge of overseeing more than 50 shipments and pickups across North America—and they are all, without exception, time-critical.

Aberstar’s Owner-Operators are the Driving Force Behind Our Success!
Mike, commenting about his daily routine, says, “It is less of a challenge when you’re running state-of-the-art Track-and-Trace software, thanks to, our technology partner Vehicle-path. As for our road assets, we prefer Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans.” He continued, “Owner-operators make up the bulk of our workforce. They are very capable and dedicated men and women. No puns intended here—they are the driving force behind our success.”

Mike talks as his eyes are focused on a multi-screen desktop station. Watching him, you can’t resist the thought that he is trying to understate the immense complexities of managing teams of logistical analysts, customer service representatives, dispatchers and drivers.

Track-and-Trace Technology Helps Clients Mitigate the Risks of a Segmented Supply Chain
Aberstar’s Expedited Service Division was developed in response to a supply chain market that is looking towards mitigating the risks of unified localized production, according to Mike Rogers. He explains, “Now companies have segmented production processes—things are made in multiple locations. Transport networks have to adjust to fit this business model.

“With the advent of better communication, technology companies are looking to diversify production. They can’t do that without equally technologically-enabled efficient, reliable and safe transport systems. Here at Aberstar Fast Freight, we offer our clients exactly that kind of service. In many ways, we become an integral and important part in the supply chain of our clients. It is often quite seamless. Managers can track and trace their products along the way and count on them arriving on time.”

Expanding on how this service model was developed, Mike added, “That is only from the manufacturing side. The same thing can be said about the business-to-consumer side, as now we see massive multiplication of mega warehousing serving big web stores that are constantly demanding that goods be moved in an efficient and cost-effective fashion.”
“For all these reasons,” Mike continued, “we had to react and develop a set of logistical solutions that are time-critical and best suited to the current pressing marketplace demands.”

About Aberstar Fast Freight
Aberstar Fast Freight services cover all of Canada and the U.S. Aberstar’s team is highly experienced in LTL, Expedited and Overnight Rush shipments. Additional customized logistical solutions can be tailored to clients’ specific needs. Our delivery times range from same day to three-day delivery, depending on the client’s requirements. All shipments are handled at our home terminal in Mississauga.

Contacts: Mike Rogers
Tel: 905-826-0128
email: [email protected]
2220 Argentia Rd #3, Mississauga, ON L5N, Canada

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