Apatar Integrates IBM DB2 Products with Third-party Applications and Cleanses Mainframe Databases


New Apatar connector allows users to read/write data from/to DB2 tables, create integrations using multiple data sources, and improve the quality of data extracted from or written to IBM DB2 family products.

Apatar, Inc., the leading provider of open source software tools for the data integration market, today officially announced connectivity to IBM DB2, a family of relational database management system products from IBM that are widely used in enterprise applications, corporate ERP systems, and mainframes. The new connector for the Apatar Open Source Data Integration toolset allows reading and writing of data from/to DB2 tables and improves the quality of data during migration or integration, all without custom coding. With this new release, Apatar enables both developers and users to easily link DB2 information between third-party applications (Salesforce.com, SugarCRM), other databases (Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL), flat files (CSV/TXT), and the top Web 2.0 destinations (Flickr, Amazon S3, RSS feeds).

Integration between mainframes and major corporate databases and applications

According to Gartner, IBM DB2 is currently deployed within 34 percent of enterprise applications worldwide and was recently experiencing the highest growth compared to other major databases. In 2007, DB2 was positioned in the Leaders section of the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse DBMS. Whether or not your business deploys DB2-based applications, this new connector from Apatar enables data integration between DB2 and other heterogeneous systems, including mainframes, with multiple data sources and targets possible.

“As a popular database, DB2 is very often used behind ERP systems, both innovative and legacy ones,” said Renat Khasanshyn, CEO and founder of Apatar. “I’m pleased to announce that the new Apatar connector for DB2 can help corporate developers and DBAs improve the quality of this enterprise data and ease the integration of data stored within multiple locations. With this new solution embedded into the visual Apatar application, migration from legacy systems can be performed by drag-and-drop even by business users.”

Apatar Open Source Data Integration features and benefits:

– No coding! Visual job designer and mapping enable non-developers to design and perform transformations, shortening implementation time.
– Distributed under open source model, reducing integration and maintenance costs
– Connectivity to SalesForce.com, SugarCRM, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, GoldMine, DB2, Sybase, PostgreSQL, dBase, EnterpriseDB, vTiger, InnoDB, Compiere ERP, .CSV, XML, RSS, ATOM, HTTP queries, POP3, LDAP, FTP, WebDav, Autodesk Buzzsaw, any JDBC data sources, Amazon S3, Flickr, StrikeIron and CDYNE Web services, and more
– Job scheduler and synchronization automate the data integration process.
– Improves data quality with a variety of verification, filtration, and validation features
– Users have the ability to create, share, and re-use pre-built data transformations and publish data integration output as a custom RSS feed to ApatarForge, the online Apatar community.
– Platform-independent, runs from Windows and Linux

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About DB2 Family Products

DB2 is a family of IBM’s relational database management system products and tools for business intelligence. IBM DB2 offers industry leading performance, scale, and reliability on a variety of platforms from Linux to z/OS. The most popular versions of DB2 Family Products include DB2 Enterprise Server Edition, DB2 Data Warehouse Edition, and DB2 for z/OS. To learn more about DB2, please visit http://www.ibm.com/db2.

About IBM

For more information: http://www.ibm.com.

About Apatar

Apatar is the leading provider of open source software tools for the data integration market. With powerful Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) capabilities, Apatar enables its users to easily link information between databases (such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle), applications (Salesforce.com, SugarCRM), and the top Web 2.0 destinations (Flickr, Amazon S3). Apatar provides support, training, and consulting services for its integration solutions. Headquartered in Western Massachusetts, Apatar operates a development center in Minsk, Belarus. Apatar is currently used by 3500 organizations and individuals worldwide. For more on Apatar, please visit http://www.apatar.com and http://www.apatarforge.org

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