BURST Agency Endorses BOLD Favor Magazine


BURST Agency PR & Media has witnessed the Editor-In-Chief Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell and her staff being quite busy these past few weeks, developing and structuring their new BOLD Favor Magazine. It can be quite a difficult task for any one person of importance to maintain a busy schedule and find time to create, update and rangle all of the necessary departments to make a new magazine come together.  Bringing it together to launch in such a short time period seems to not be a problem at all for Ms. Mitchell-Blackwell.

When asked by BURST PR & Media staff  “What prompted you to start such a magazine? Ms. Mitchell-Blackwell’s response was, “While I was guest writing and publishing for a few other organizations, what struck me most is the opportunity to profile and uplift businesses. Then I thought, what a wonderful way to give back to the community.” Thus BOLD Favor Magazine was born.

BOLD Favor Magazine highlights the following sections:

  • Human Dignity
  • Meaningful Relationships
  • Total Wellness
  • Spiritual Strength
  • Empowered Style
  • Leadership

“Our Tagline is the future favors the BOLD,” Said Editor-In-Chief Lynita Micthell-Blackwell.”  We are incredibly excited to launch this publication that will help people find their purpose, harness their passion, and unleash their power positively into the world.”

To learn more about BOLD Magazine, visit www.BOLDFavorMagazine.com. To learn more about Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell visit her website at www.LynitaMitchellBlackwell.com

For information on BURST Agency, please visit www.BURSTAgency.com or BURST Agency on Facebook.

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