Car Washing Goes Green by Going Waterless – Kick the bucket and retire the hose


April 2007: Portsmouth, NH – Car washing in the United States now has an environmental twist. Eco Touch, a new biodegradable car cleaning product allows the user to kick the bucket and retire the hose. The company’s 25-year old founder, James Dudra, intends to show Americans what Australians already know: There’s a non-toxic, biodegradable and waterless way to a sparkling exterior finish.

“Eco Touch brings consumers a new method of car cleaning that’s not only green but also effective,” states Dudra. “Imagine conserving 80 gallons of water while getting a shiny car and avoiding the risks of a petroleum-based product.”

The user simply sprays the non-toxic water based formula onto the vehicle panel, letting the natural ingredients loosen and encapsulate dirt particles. A soft microfiber towel lifts the dirt while a second towel buffs the formula to a deep luster.

“Eco Touch is perfect for people who face water restrictions, don’t have a water hookup, or would like to clean their cars and preserve and protect our natural resources,” states Dudra.

According to the International Car Wash Association, a traditional driveway wash uses an average of 80-140 gallons of water. The harsh detergents and contaminants contained in the water runoff adversely affect both human and aquatic life. Eco Touch’s waterless wash blends a water-base with plant-derived soaps and surfactants to create a more gentle alternative to commercial products. It is most effective on lightly to moderately dirty cars.

While this method of cleaning might sound unconventional to Americans, it has been embraced in countries such as Australia and South Africa where water conservation is practiced. For Dudra, who lived in Australia for a semester and ran his own car cleaning business in the U.S. during summer college breaks, Eco Touch unites his life experience with his concern for the environment.

The company proudly brings to market a new product—and a paradigm shift in exterior car cleaning. For information and product ordering, visit the company’s website:

James Dudra, Owner

Eco Touch LLC
(603) 305 5747

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