Categories Of Cultured Akoya Pearls


The jewelry market offers different categories of cultured Akoya Pearls. They are the one produced in Salt Water and the one produced in freshwater. The following chart shows categorization of cultured pearls:

The following is the discussion of freshwater and saltwater pearls:

Freshwater Pearls
Pearls that are formed in lakes, rivers, ponds and other freshwater bodies are the freshwater pearls. Most of them are mainly in China. However Japan and U.S also produce freshwater pearls. The most amazing fact is that about 40 pearls can be grown at one time in one single mussel. Hyriosis cumingi is one such type of pearl. The technological advance has improvised pearl production, resulting in higher quality freshwater pearls. For a pearl to grow in fresh water it almost takes 3 to 7 years. And the size ranges from 3 to 13 millimeters. White, pink, peach, lavender, grey, yellow and cream are the colors of pearls that are produced in freshwater.

Saltwater Pearls: The pearls that are grown in salt water conditions are Saltwater pearls. They are of two types: Akoya Pearls and the South Sea Pearls. The following is the brief description of them:

1. Akoya Pearls: Among the best of the cultured pearls, Akoya pearls are considered as the best. Akoya pearls are principally grown in the cool to temperate saltwater of Japan and China. Of which china is the second largest producer. It is this temperature that allows the pearl to brilliant luster and highly uniform mineral crystals. This makes experts believe that Akoya pearls are of the brightest luster of all types. For an Akoya pearl to grow the time taken may range anything between 8 to 24 months. Still, farmers wait at least a year hoping for a larger pearl. The size of the Akoya pearl may be anything between 2 to 10 mm. The range of colors of Akoya pearls is also large they come in silver/white, cream, rose, gold and grey/blue.

2. South Sea Pearls: South Sea pearls are grown in the warm, pure waters off of Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar and Thailand in the oyster species Pinctada maxima (the two varieties are known as the Silver Lipped and Gold Lipped Oysters). These pearls (and their shells) are the largest and rarest grown. It takes 20 to 24 months to grow the pearl and there are many complications that can cause them to die. South Sea pearl size ranges from 9 – 20 millimeters (average size 13mm) and their colors include silver, silver/pink, white, white/pink, white/gold and gold. Irrespective of the names given to each of the category of pearls, it is a fact that pearls have become part of our life. The categories are to define their quality.

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