CCA Announces QR Code Quality Standards Test; Pressures Developers To Embrace Industry Standards


The app-market is over-populated with QR readers that are inadequately designed to handle a large number of basic QR scans. A new test will raise the bar of the industry.

(SAN DIEGO, CA) – Color Card Administrator (CCA), a leading provider of business card design and online business card management solutions, today announced it will spearhead a nationwide test to verify the accuracy and performance of QR Readers for mobile phones such as the iPhone, Android smartphones, Nokia smartphones, and BlackBerry devices.

The purpose of the test is to identify the right QR readers for its business card business solutions, and eliminate the confusion created by developers who have rushed to develop inaccurate app-scanners that fail to scan and interpret QR codes correctly.

The test starts on May 1st, 2011 and will be open to all developers of QR Code Readers. Each QR Code Reader will undergo a series of sophisticated readability tests that analyze link-performance to components such as Phone Numbers, SMS Texting Links, VCards, MeCards, Events, Twitter, YouTube videos, and Facebook.

“As more businesses leverage QR Codes to engage customers with content, our goal is to raise the bar for the entire industry. By allowing developers of QR Readers to fix any errors found during initial testing. We will also be able to recommend the perfect solution for our industry,” says Gayle Hawks, President of CCA.

To participate in the test, please visit the QR Quality Standards Test. The website will provide a set of QR test codes that will help verify a QR code scanner’s ability to accurately interpret data.

“Not all tests are passable on every QR code scanning platform, so a perfect score should not be expected. Each platform has certain limitations and each test code attempts to deliberately showcase flaws so that they can be identified and dealt with directly,” says Gayle Hawks.

The QR readers that pass the test will be awarded with a seal of quality which will provide software developers with a marketing tool to inform customers that their QR Reader is qualified to accurately handle the various standards currently being used.

The test will also become a reference point for bloggers, critics, and editors who have lacked a reliable evaluation tool for testing QR Code readers.

“By identifying the best-in-class QR reader to be used on business cards, CCA is helping move the industry forward and giving customers more reason to engage with CCA and our diverse business card platforms,” says Gayle Hawks.

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