The commercial catering equipment company Phoeniks will take part to Foodservice Australia


The Australian famous supplier of commercial catering equipment will take part in a new big trade show designed for the hospitality industry. Phoeniks’s members enjoy meeting lots of professionals, experts of the commercial catering equipment industry during such events. Their stand is said to be impressive this year: indeed, they will bring commercial catering equipment and make some cooking demos. They especially think of bringing MKN combi ovens, Brunner vegetable cutting machine, an MKN commercial cooking range and the new Flexichef. This latter piece of commercial catering equipment is a state-of-the art product designed and manufactured by MKN. Actually , those multifunctional pressure brat pans have been started being commercialized all around Australia. PHOENIKS does believe that they can win the “best new product” competition this year.


Innovating commercial catering equipment company

Phoeniks has been for a long in the commercial catering equipment industry. Australian trade shows have been highlighting the progress of the company each year. Indeed, they used to have a small stand over the last years and did not introduce such innovative commercial kitchen solutions. From now on, they can expose the latest pieces of commercial catering equipment designed by European world famous leaders such as MKN, Brunner, Salvis etc. The Flexichef and other innovating kitchen solutions supplied by Phoeniks are changing the market deeply.

Phoeniks is absolutely proud to have been playing such a role in the Australian hospitality equipment industry. They have already celebrated their 4-year birthday of activity in Australia: the latest achieved project was the Duxton Hotel in Perth. Working in partnership with JBM projects, PHOENIKS has furnished all the European commercial catering equipment to a massive outlet of the Australian hospitality industry. The commercial catering equipment projects have been more and more exciting along the time: PHOENIKS worked with Parliament House Kitchen, Crown, 401 Café Vue and other references of the hospitality industry. They are just proud of it.


A fast-growing commercial catering equipment company

It has been more than 4 years now since Phoeniks has been prominent in the hospitality equipment industry. They really have become a reference since they are considered as the ones who supply the European best commercial catering equipment all around Australia. This was initially the goal that Jacques MORIN, CEO of Phoeniks, has always wanted to achieve. From now on, Phoeniks actually looks like the Australian supplier of the European best innovating kitchen solutions.

Phoeniks intends to communicate more on their commercial catering equipment projects:  using Internet and Social Media is one the solutions they chose to bring knowledge to the hospitality industry. They indeed have a deep desire of sharing their knowledge and exposing their projects as good as they can. For instance, they recently added new videos about their own partners and commercial catering equipment on their website. This looks even more relevant and attractive. Using Linkedin, Facebook and Tweeter is also for them a means to share more about their latest achievements.

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