Desktop SMS Closes Doors, Opens Office Windows


Swisscom Desktop SMS users can benefit more now than ever from developer company Red Oxygen and Office SMS.

Palo Alto, CA, February 03, 2012 — Over nine years ago, Red Oxygen developed Desktop SMS, a platform for Swisscom customers to send text messages from Microsoft Outlook. The Desktop SMS platform supported over 155,000 users and volumes over 500,000 SMS a month. Unfortunately, Swisscom decided to stop supporting Desktop SMS as of January 30, 2012, but Desktop SMS, also known as “Office SMS”, is still available through Red Oxygen.

“Desktop SMS was not compatible with the latest Microsoft Outlook. Office SMS supports 2007 and 2010, where many Swisscom customers are in need,” says Kassandra Macdade, marketing manager at Red Oxygen. “The advantage of having a Red Oxygen account is that Swisscom customers can access Office SMS and all of our other applications for sending messages, such as Web SMS and bulk SMS, plus utilize the full-comprehensive reporting system that wasn’t previously available.” The Office SMS platform essentially has all the same bells and whistles as Desktop SMS, it’s just been integrated to support other systems and needs.

Today over 300,000 companies and corporations use Red Oxygen platforms daily, including the United Nations, Pepsi, Siemens, Accenture and AT&T. “More companies are offering mobile marketing solutions to help increase customer response—especially with the increase of mobile phone usage and consumer-corporate involvement of social media,” says Macdade. “There are users out there, specifically in Switzerland, searching for new SMS marketing solutions. This news broke pretty quickly. We just want Desktop users to be certain that we offer the same SMS service and we’re still here.”

About Red Oxygen
Red Oxygen is one of the world’s leading developers and distributors of enterprise SMS software and services. Combining the power of email applications, instant messaging clients or CRM applications with the convenience and mobility of text messaging, Red Oxygen’s products allow users to send text messages to specific individuals or entire lists. Red Oxygen software is available for Microsoft Outlook, IBM’s Lotus Notes, IBM’s Sametime, Windows, as well as web based and CRM custom integration.

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Desktop SMS Closes Doors, Opens Office Windows

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