DSI’s Mobile Platform Adds Cloud Availability and MBaaS


LAS VEGAS – At the Collaborate14 show in Las Vegas, DSI, a 2013 Gartner MADP Magic Quadrant company, announced Version 8.0 of its Mobile Enterprise Platform, which now includes cloud hosting, a new open API, an improved enterprise gateway and other improvements. As the cloud is altering the traditional brick and mortar supply chain, DSI’s Version 8.0 is further enabling companies to move to a completely mobile supply chain.

“This is yet another step forward showing why more and more customers pick us to help them move to a truly mobile supply chain model”

With DSI now leveraging the cloud, customers have access to an AWS-based platform. For our customers, that means better scalability, incremental consumption (pay as you go pricing) and the elimination of on-premise management hassles and costs. This means customers can handle more easily and efficiently the difficulty of infrastructure administration while taking advantage of a SaaS model. This makes DSI’s offering flexible — as the on-premise and cloud offerings have the same functionality. DSI remains committed to an on-premise solution while offering the flexibility of the cloud, should a customer want it.

In addition, with new inbound APIs, the DSI platform can function as a Mobile Back End as a Service (MBaaS). This means customers can now leverage our middleware to take advantage of powerful integration, data replication and authentication capabilities while using their choice of development tools. A developer looking to build a new application with other development tools, such as Apple’s Xcode, can easily do so now while taking full advantage of DSI’s robust platform.

“This is yet another step forward showing why more and more customers pick us to help them move to a truly mobile supply chain model,” said Matt McGraw, President & CEO of DSI. “Our global customers choose us because we help them build their businesses for the mobile now and the mobile future. With the enhancements in Version 8.0, DSI continues to lead the way in helping businesses leverage mobile technology to be successful.”

Whether customers choose a hybrid model, or on-premise or cloud instances, they now can choose whatever fits their needs. In addition to the cloud and MBaaS features, Version 8.0 goes a long way to helping companies move to becoming a mobile supply chain and also offers customers other great enhancements:

  • ERP Gateway: Our new gateway is optimized for the cloud, allowing cloud-hosted implementations to talk directly, but securely, to on-premise enterprise systems. The gateway provides robust security and high performance when accessing enterprise data and systems from the cloud.
  • Direct App Store Publishing: Customers have been asking for the ability to “white label” apps created on the DSI platform when publishing to the Apple App Store or to Google Play. Now, thanks to improvements in Version 8.0, they can do exactly that. Customers can publish apps with their own branding and it enables them to also utilize the anonymous user functionality. This means the app developer can determine when and how authentication occurs.
  • Enhanced Support for Windows Clients: This now helps support the new WPF — allowing transparency functionality on Windows devices. That means our customers can now build apps in the Windows environment with a better user interface. The update also includes support for Windows Phone 8.

Version 8.0 will be available in the second quarter 2014 for new and existing customers. Companies interested in the offering can contact DSI for more information.

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As the leader in enterprise mobility, DSI equips companies around the globe to move beyond just implementing mobile apps — to becoming mobile enterprises. DSI’s Mobile Enterprise Platform enables customers to take control of their mobile future and create a sustainable, optimized advantage for their business, moving them closer to a complete mobile supply chain. For more information about DSI, visit www.dsiglobal.com.



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