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PLYMOUTH, MA, (May 2007)-Brian Queenan the owner of The Truth About Internet Marketing and Article Knowledgebase blogs has just opened a new electric adjustable bed website named Electric Adjustable Bed Store and it can be found at http://electricadjustablebedstore.com

According to Brian, many people think that an adjustable or electric adjustable bed is only for the sick and elderly which couldn’t be farther from the truth. He says that adjustable and electric adjustable beds are for anyone who wants a more restful and enjoyable sleeping experience. While adjustable beds may have been for the sick and elderly long ago, today these beds are made not only for the sick and elderly but for the average person in mind as well.

He went on to say because adjustable and electric adjustable beds of today come in different styles and sizes that an adjustable and electric adjustable bed is a great fit for any bedroom decor that the adjustable bed user may have.

Brian added that because we all spend one third of our lives in bed it is important that we all get a good restful night of sleep. Because so many flat beds are very uncomfortable to sleep on many people don’t get a good nights rest. Because adjustable and electric adjustable beds can be adjusted to a position that is comfortable for any user makes them a much better sleeping system for everyone. There is no reason for anyone not to get a comfortable recuperative sleep when there are so many adjustable and electric adjustable beds on the market. Because our bodies are not flat it makes absolutely no sense for people to sleep on a bed that is flat.

Brian Queenan’s Electric Adjustable Bed Store is online and ready to take on new customers. If you have any questions, Brian can be contacted by email at [email protected] and the URL address for Electric Adjustable Bed Store is; http://electricadjustablebedstore.com

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