Employee arena launches online work schedule system


A new era of communication between employees and businesses.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – On July 11, 2007 Employee Arena has officially launched their online employee scheduling software.

Our service is to provide a password protected network for individual companies to have access at schedule uploading, trading of shifts and network bulletins about company happenings.

This is a free service similar to social networking websites that have their own private messaging system. Because users are within a private network, that only those authorized can join, each individual can choose to input other contact information such as peer to peer online messengers, phone numbers, etc. This provides an easier way to contact someone if you would like to switch a shift, pick up a shift, or to get a hold of in general.

Contact information at your fingertips for the people you work with would usually take a trip to the office or a lengthy phone conversation going over who you may think would take the shift.

The “Managers Note” feature provides a way for your business to get a message to your employees quickly and efficiently. Anytime you display a manager’s note an email is sent to each member of your network. The latest manager’s note and is the first thing seen when you enter your network.

A “Members List” shows a list of employees and their contact information if they’ve filled that out.

The service provides employees with the tools they need to feel in control of their shifts and having access to the schedule from home keeps employees happy, which in turn keep your clients happy.


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