Everyone Has an Ad Space to Sell, Without Realizing


What can I do with this space? The next time someone asks this question, there will be a straight answer – post it online and let the world know about it. From the rooftop of a barn all the way to public toilet seats, there’s almost no ad space that is too bizarre for an advertiser to promote their services. Kumomo.com is taking the ad space industry to a next level of exposure and creativity.

Kumomo.com is a global advertisement space search engine that allows advertiser to find the right space to advertise, and this could be almost any medium under the sky. The ad spaces listed here are borderless, and almost everyone could have a space and be part of this. Best of all, listing an ad space for to be known across the globe, is totally free.

Ad spaces have advanced to be more than conventional billboards and lightboxs. The launch of Kumomo.com opens up limitless advertising possibilities to anyone with spaces to offer. Besides the conventional ad spaces on blogs, websites and various online sites, advertising spaces is taking on a fresh trend where advertisers can now book physical ad spaces. This is the role of Kumomo.com, being an ad space booking marketplace, where ad space owner publish many of their extraordinary, unconventional and untought of spaces.

There are cases where people sell the space on their forehead, breast, and butt. The hype that it creates ought to expand and popularize. And when this happens, more creative ad spaces will have a centralized ad space search engine where advertisers come and book it. Both the advertiser and space owner will then start to communicate with each other and get the advertisement up the space.

Post up new and extraordinary spaces and attract attention and headlines. It will mark an end towards wasted, useless and unresourceful spaces. For more information, kindly log on to www.kumomo.com/out-of-box.
About Kumomo

Kumomo.com is an advertisement space search engine, which also serves as a free ad space booking marketplace to buy and sell advertisement space. Ad space includes both online ad space and physical ad space or any unconventional space that you can ever think of. There is no cost for publisher to list their ad space here, but there will be exposure of advertisers interested in your space from all over the world.

All ad spaces booked contributes a percentage of its booking fee to a charity organisation, which could also be suggested by anyone. The remaining ad profits is dealt directly between advertiser and space owner. It is a commission free booking platform with no cash holdback.

For more details, visit www.kumomo.com.

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