Ex-Googlers Publish Art Experiment, Endless Peace


Artists, designers, and ex-Googlers Jens Oliver Meiert and Asim Janjua release web art installation “Endless Peace,” helloendlesspeace.org.

The two announced on Meiert’s website: “Endless Peace is a nudge, a reminder, a memorial for us to nudge, remind, help us remember what we really want. We don’t want war. We don’t want industrialized murder, nor any kind of killing. We don’t even want arms. We don’t want revenge. We want forgiveness. We want cooperation. We want peace.” (meiert.com/en/blog/20160101/endless-peace/)

The project follows a series of web art projects Meiert had released over the years, including the World’s Highest Website, and Have We Stopped Killing Yet.

For more information on Jens Oliver Meiert, visit meiert.com. For information on Asim Janjua, visit asimjanjua.com.

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